2021 State of the Rockies Interns' Research and Projects

State of the Rockies Project:  Navigating Change

Being Here              

  • Rockies projects immerse students in their physical surroundings gaining a sense of place
  • Students are encouraged to pursue their interests in investigating the environmental "rattlesnakes" of the West
  • Students learn how to take care -- the importance of living responsibly

Deep Dive

  • Working alongside faculty, staff, professionals, and practioners, students plunge into the social, political, and environmental challenges that shape our lives in the Rocky Mountain Region

Innovative Solutions/New Ways of Learning

  • Rockies Students explore and contribute to what we know about vulnerability, resiliency, and sustainability


  • Students, faculty, and staff engage in well-timed projects

Working Together and Community Engagement

  • Opportunities for students to engage with community, stakeholders, professionals, other campus departments and organizations

Skill Building

  • Research and reporting
  • Interview techniques
  • Field data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Team work
  • Acceptance of others

National Awareness

  • Conservation in the West Poll
  • Conference presentations
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