Adventurous Spirit Film

State of the Rockies has created The Adventurous Films Project, an opportunity for CC students to apply their storytelling skills to powerfully deliver what is likely the most important message in human history.  Whether or not you believe it, climate change is changing the way we live our lives now and will in the future.  The question is:  “What to do about it?”


COMING SOON: The Adventurous Spirit Film Team has created Rootbound, a short feature film based on themes that shape our lives in the West addressed by the 2023 Conservation in the West Poll results. The premiere will be at the State of the Rockies Project's End of the Year Event on April 4th from 6-8 PM in Cornerstone Arts Center. RSVP by emailing Macy McCauley at

Rootbound Promo Art

Meet the Team

Aaron PattersonAaron Patterson '12 

Aaron is a producer, director, and Senior Creative Director at Meta. Previously, he has worked in production and content creation roles at Hook, Uber, and Credit Karma, and has worked on numerous short film and documentary projects. He is excited to be advising the State of the Rockies Film Crew on their project this summer.



Audrey Colgin

Audrey Colgin ‘23

Audrey is a film and Italian major. She recently completed her senior thesis Kabwe Ka Mukuba, an environmental activism film about lead poisoning in Kabwe, Zambia. She enjoys working on all facets of the filmmaking process and watching all types of films. 



Daniel de KoningDaniel de Koning ‘23

Daniel is a graduating senior in the Colorado College Class of 2023. His passion is the camera and its interactions with the environment. Having completed a film and Media Studies degree with CC, Daniel hopes to work as a nature cinematographer in the future. 



Matan FieldsMatan Fields ‘26

Matan is a rising sophomore from Northampton, Massachusetts pursuing a major in Film and Media Studies. He is passionate about creative storytelling as a force for positive change, hoping to tell empathetic stories that bring awareness to poignant issues and explore humanity. In his free time, you might find Matan on various long expeditions to and from ultimate frisbee tournaments, playing guitar, and spending time in nature with friends and family. At State of the Rockies, Matan aims to center the human elements and consequences of climate change through film. 

Charlie MarksCharlie Marks ‘26

Charlie is a film student at CC from Atlanta, Georgia. Charlie loves making and watching movies and being an activist for the environment. Throughout high school and into college, he spent the majority of his time educating himself and others about film theory, while also working to raise awareness about the threat climate change poses to the future of humanity. Charlie's dream is to combine the persuasiveness of movie magic with a call to action to protect our planet. 


Sada SchumannSada Schumann ‘26

Sada Schumann is an Film and Media Studies major from Bozeman, MT. Sada has worked in conservation and agriculture, in addition to various creative fields. As a part of the SOTR Film Crew, Sada uses her diverse background to explore how film can create a emotional call for climate action in the Rocky Mountain West. Her work on the project falls within the increasingly important field of science communication and provides a bridge between data-driven research and public perspectives. 


Greg SheaMelanie Shea '22 

Melanie Shea is a filmmaker and editor with a focus on audio. Melanie graduated from CC in 2022 with a major in Film and Media Studies and is currently working on bringing their love of climbing and the outdoors into his work.

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