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Fines, Escalating Fines, and Penalties


  • Absence of Current Permit - $40
  • Wrong Permit for Lot - $10 (before escalation)
  • Unauthorized use of Handicapped Parking - $100
  • Parking in a Tow-Away zone, Loading zone, Fire Lane, or Reserved Parking space (including parking in areas not designated by lines not otherwise covered by another violation) - $75
  • Parking or driving a motor vehicle on lawn or walk surfaces - $75 plus remuneration for damages (if applicable)
  • Overtime Parking - $10
  • Speeding/ Unsafe Driving on Campus - $30
  • Parking in a Service Vehicle area - $35
  • Double Parking (before escalation)- $10
  • Boot fee - $50

Escalating Fines

  • The second offense for a $10 fine will result in a $25 fine
  • The third, fourth, etc offenses will be a $40 fine.
  • For a fifth offense in a single block period, a disciplinary sanction for students or revocation of parking privileges for faculty or staff could occur.


  • The first violation for Absence of Current Permit, if appealed within the provided time frame, may be dismissed as a warning if measures are taken to obtain a legal permit or remove the vehicle from campus.
  • The second offense for Absence of Current Permit will not be eligible to be voided.
  • A third consecutive violation for Absence of Current Permit will result in immobilization.

If you find yourself unable to relocate a vehicle, you must contact the Parking Office promptly to avoid being ticketed. If you do not do this, any citations received will not be eligible for appeal.

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid using cash or by being charged to the student account (for students).
All fines are to be paid or appealed within a period of two (2) business days from the date of issuance.
Fines not paid or appealed will be placed automatically on a student’s account.

Colorado College reserves the right to immobilize or impound any vehicle found in violation of parking regulations should the nature of the violation warrant immediate action.

Arrangements must be made for the release of immobilized vehicles within 72 hours of immobilization, or the vehicle is subject to impoundment, and the cost of impounding billed to the registered owner.

Any vehicle determined to be a hazard or obstructing traffic will be impounded without warning, and the cost of impounding charged to the registered owner.

Continued violations will be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The college will dispose of vehicles abandoned on college property for a period of two weeks. The cost of disposal will be charged to the registered owner.