Fines, Escalating Fines, and Penalties

Parking Violation Fee Schedule 


Absence of Permit 


Wrong Permit for lot (Before escalation) 


Unauthorized use of Accessible Parking 


Parking in a Tow-Away Zone, Loading Zone, Fire Lane No Parking Area, Reserved Parking Space 


Parking/Driving on a Lawn/Walk Surface 


Overtime Violation (before escalation) 


Speeding/Unsafe Driving on Campus 


Parking in a Service Vehicle Space 


Double Parking (before escalation) 



  • A vehicle will be considered in violation of College regulations if it is stopped or parked in a(n) ADA Accessible Space, fire lane, no parking area, or restricted zone 
  • Only vehicles with registered license plates may use Colorado College Parking lot. Any parked vehicle not registered through the Parking Office will be subject to a parking citation.  
  • Failure to pay citations within 90 days may result in account holds or payroll collections.  

Escalating Fines

  • The second offense for a $10 fine will result in a $25 fine
  • The third, fourth, etc offenses will be a $40 fine

Payment of Fines

Fines may be paid using cash or check in office.

Arrangements must be made for the release of immobilized vehicles within 72 hours of immobilization, or the vehicle is subject to impoundment, and the cost of impounding billed to the registered owner.

Any vehicle determined to be a hazard or obstructing traffic will be impounded without warning, and the cost of impounding charged to the registered owner.

Continued violations will be investigated and appropriate action taken. Habitual offenders will be referred to conduct.

The college will dispose of vehicles abandoned on college property for a period of two weeks. The cost of disposal will be charged to the registered owner.

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