Neighborhood Parking

Colorado College is dedicated to maintaining a good relationship with our surrounding neighbors by fostering civil and polite interaction. One point of contention in this relationship has been college community members parking their vehicles in the surrounding neighborhoods.

City Parking Permits are required in the neighborhoods surrounding campus. 

Colorado College defines the surrounding neighborhood as including the following areas:

  • The 1200N block of Wood Avenue.
  • The 1200N block of Cascade Avenue.
  • The 1200N block of Tejon Street.
  • The 00W block of San Miguel Street.
  • The 00E block of San Miguel Street.
  • The 300E block of San Rafael Street.
  • The 300E block of Yampa St.

City Permits are required at all times in these neighborhoods and will be enforced by the City of Colorado Springs. Citations that are issued from the city must be paid or appealed at the city courthouse. 

The Colorado Springs Municipal Code Regulation concerning parking indicates that any car parked on a city street must move every 72 hours or it may be considered as abandoned and impounded by the city. To prevent this from happening, Campus Safety personnel routinely check the streets listed above and take note of non-neighbor vehicles.


  • New for the 2021/2022 year are neighborhood permitted parking on municipal streets.  
  • The city of Colorado Springs has designated spaces along Nevada Ave, Cascade Ave, Dale St, Weber St, and Cache La Poudre St as neighborhood permitted parking areas. 
  • These permits are regulated through the Colorado College Parking Office 
  • The permit carries a one-time fee of $150. The permit will need to be registered each year with the Parking Office. Failure to re-register the permit will result in forfeiture of the pass.  
  • If the permit is lost, there is a $150 replacement fee.  
  • Parking for these locations is enforced by the city. If a citation is received, it must be paid through the City of Colorado Springs.  
  • Permits are required in these spaces from 7am-5pm M-F.  
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