Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

The Colorado College Campus Safety Department along with the College always strongly encourages victims of ALL crimes to report them both to the Campus Safety Office and to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

To report a crime, members of the campus community should call the Campus Safety Dispatch Office at extension 6707 or go to the Campus Safety Office at 219 E Uintah St., or Worner Campus Center, Room 116.

If you are a student (living on or off campus), you may report a crime to the police, seek internal college support, and pursue judicial sanctions. Colorado College Campus Safety is available to all community members, and will arrange a neutral meeting place for your initial meeting with the police and, if you wish, a representative of the College can accompany you. Once you report a criminal instance to the police, the College has no control over the investigation and the legal process that may result.

Need to report a non-emergent crime to CSPD?

Bike thefts and other nonviolent crimes can be reported here.

(If you are unable to connect to the link, cut, paste, and open in a new tab on your browser)

You can also reach CSPD non-emergency at 719-444-7000.

Campus Emergencies

In case of a life-threatening emergency call 911 (9-911 from an on-campus phone), and Campus Safety at 719-389-6911 (6-911 from an on-campus phone). Always give your location, nature of the emergency, and be prepared to respond to the dispatcher's questions or instructions. Do not hang up until told to do so.

In case of a medical or psychological crisis, call Campus Safety at 6911. Campus Safety can initiate a response from police, fire, medical, counseling support teams, and other appropriate campus resources.

If an emergency involving CC students occurs off campus, immediately notify Campus Safety at 719-389-6707.

Information on other emergencies can be found in the emergency preparedness guide

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