Student Fundraising

Students may only raise funds in the college’s name using the college’s 501(c)(3) IRS determination for purposes that are appropriate to the mission and needs of the college. This document defines college policy for students’ fundraising appeals to donors external to campus in the college’s name.

Responsible office
Responsible party
Vice President for Advancement
Last revision
August 2013
Approved by
The Cabinet
Approval date
August 2013
Effective date
August 2013
Last review
March 2016
Additional references
CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines; IRS policies; FASB; Donor Bill of Rights; Club Sports Fundraising Guidelines; Pathfinder; Fundraising and Athletics Handbook


All financial and administrative policies involving community members across campus, including volunteers are within the scope of this policy. If there is a variance between departmental expectations and the common approach described through college policy, the college will look to the campus community, including volunteers to support the spirit and the objectives of college policy. Unless specifically mentioned in a college policy, the college’s Board of Trustees are governed by their Bylaws.


(1)    The President of the College delegates administration of the college’s Gift Acceptance

Policy: Student Fundraising to the Vice President of Advancement

(2)    Entities ineligible to fundraise in the college’s name include but are not limited to:

  • CC Agencies, such as WES;
  • Entities with a connection to the college, but that have their own 501(c)(3) IRS determination letters, such as Cutler Publications;
  • External entities and initiatives that are not part of the college, such as the American Cancer Society or Haiti relief fundraising.

(3)    All student fundraising must comply with IRS regulations and all Colorado College gift acceptance policies. Students should note that “money or property you give to an individual is not deductible as a charitable contribution” (IRS Publication 526).  Therefore, no individual student may raise money in the college’s name for their own, individual purpose.

(4)    Student Fundraising projects must fall within at least one of the following categories:

  • Part of an academic program;
  • An identified need of an administrative department;
  • Part of the college’s advancement fundraising program;
  • Collaborative for Community Engagement programs and events;
  • Chartered student club activities. (Chartered clubs for political or religious purposes are excluded);
  • Athletic club or varsity team activities;

(5)    Approvals:

     Student fundraising projects must be approved prior to initiation.

a)      Initial project approval is by a representative in the area involving the fundraising project. As an example, an athletic fundraiser would require approval by the Director of Athletics or their designee. Please see the procedural section below for the current schedule of those with the ability to approve.

b)      Following that approval, the project must be approved by the Director of Annual Giving. Please see the procedure section below for that approval process. While all student fundraising projects require approval by the Director of Annual Giving, printed and electronic communications associated with those projects also require approval by the Director of Annual Giving and the Division of Communications.


(1)    The college’s approval framework for student fundraising projects:

  • For academic programs, the department chair, director and/or the dean;
  • For administrative programs, the division vice president or their designee;
  • For advancement fundraising programs, the Director of Annual Giving;
  • For Collaborative for Community Engagement programs and events, the Center Director
  • For chartered student club activities, the CCSGA advisor;
  • For athletic club activities, the Director of Intramurals and Club Sports;
  • For athletic varsity team activities, the Director of Athletics or their designee;
  • If a project does not clearly fall within one of these categories, approval will be referred to the Gift Acceptance Committee.


(2)    Once a student fundraising project has been approved by the appropriate person above, the project request should be sent to the director of annual giving via email.  The request should indicate fundraising purpose, targeted audience, timing, and fundraising method.


Agencies -   have a fund in the college’s accounting system but the funds do not belong to the college; Colorado College is acting as a custodian.

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