Data Access Policy

This policy attempts to clarify how electronic data residing on college systems is the property of Colorado College, but that the privacy of faculty, staff, and students will be respected.

Responsible office
Information Technology Services
Responsible party
Chief Technology Officer/Vice President for Information Technology
Last revision
August 2013
Approved by
The Cabinet
Approval date
August 2013
Effective date
August 2013
Last review
February 2016
Additional references


All financial and administrative policies involving community members across campus, including volunteers are within the scope of this policy. If there is a variance between departmental expectations and the common approach described through college policy, the college will look to the campus community, including volunteers to support the spirit and the objectives of college policy. Unless specifically mentioned in a college policy, the college’s Board of Trustees are governed by their Bylaws.


Colorado College respects the privacy of its faculty, staff, and students. However, electronic data residing on college systems is the property of Colorado College. In rare instances, the college will exercise its right to access this data. To protect privacy in these cases, requests must specify in writing the data being sought, the name associated with the data, and a compelling reason for accessing the data. Requests must be approved in writing by two of the three following college officers: the college president, the dean of the college, and the vice-president for finance and administration. The approved request will then go to the chief technology officer/vice-president for information technology, who will work confidentially with a technician to access the data.




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