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College-wide Policies

Account Expiration Policy

In keeping with the college’s responsibility to ensure policies and procedures are in place that will minimize the disclosure of private information or the unwanted release and distribution of sensitive data, these guidelines outline procedures on the termination of employee network accounts.

Responsible office
Information Technology Services
Responsible party
Vice president for information technology/Chief technology officer
Last revision
August 2013
Approved by
The Cabinet
Approval date
August 2013
Effective date
August 2013
Additional references


All financial and administrative policies involving community members across campus are within the scope of this policy. If there is variance between departmental expectations and the common approach described through college policy, the college will look to the campus community to support the spirit and the objectives of college policy.


Unused accounts

All alumni, employee and retiree accounts with no log in for a period of six months in a row  will be expired and then deleted (this does not apply to student accounts).

 Employee resignations (voluntary)

  1. The email address will remain active for two weeks after the resignation date. An auto-reply and forwarding will be available for the two-week time period.
  2. Supervisors are responsible for communicating with the departing employee about the email termination policy, and should work with the employee to transfer work-related emails and contacts to the supervisor or applicable college employees. The Help Desk will assist if requested.
  3. Access to all college network resources (including H: and I: drives, databases, etc.) will end on the last work day unless authorized by the supervisor.
  4. Requests for extension beyond the two-week period are to be made to the employee’s supervisor, who will communicate his or her approval of the request to the Help Desk.

Employee terminations (involuntary)

  1. The email address will be closed immediately when terminations are involuntary.
  2. The supervisor will be given access to the departing employee’s email account and network drives to review email messages and files to determine relevant work information that should be transferred and/or retained.
  3. The supervisor will use his or her access to set up an automatic reply on the email account notifying that the employee no longer works at the college and forwarding the emails to another account. The Help Desk will assist if requested.

Retiree status

  1. Retired employees (including faculty with emeriti status) may choose to retain their CC email account; it will be modified to note that the person is a retired employee, but the email address and login information will remain the same. An auto-reply announcing the retirement is recommended, and the Help Desk will assist with this upon request.
  2. Access to all college network resources (including H: and I: drives, databases, etc.) will end on the last work day unless authorized by the supervisor.

Alumni status

  1. Students will retain their associated network resources (H: and W: drives) for six months after graduation, at which point they will be deleted.
  2. Alumni can keep their email accounts for as long as they wish, though inactive accounts will be expired and deleted (see “unused accounts” above)