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Meet the Classics faculty

Richard Fernando Buxton                                                                

Assistant Professor

Greek History, Historiography & Economics
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Cossitt 102D
(719) 389 - 6059

Owen Cramer

Owen Cramer

M. C. Gile Professor of Classics 
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Cossitt 203
(719) 389 - 6443


Marcia Dobson

Marcia Dobson

Professor of Classics
Ancient Greek Religion, Drama, and Psychoanalytic Theory
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Cossitt 204
(719) 389 - 6442

Kendra Henry

Kendra Henry

Visiting Lecturer

Khang Le


Cultural Program Coordinator      

Cossitt 104E


Sanjaya Thakur

Sanjaya Thakur

Associate Professor of Classics (Chair)

Latin Literature and Culture

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Cossitt 102B

(719) 389 - 6008


Cooperating Faculty

Timothy Fuller (Political Science)

Eve Grace (Political Science) 

Lisa B. Hughes (English, Comparative Literature)

Ruth Kolarik (Art History)

Carol Neel (History)

Kayla Lenkner (Library, Collections & Research Librarian)