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    Faculty & Staff

    Faculty & Staff

    Richard Fernando Buxton

    Assistant Professor

    Fields: Greek History, Historiography & Economics

    Cossitt Hall #104D
    (719) 389-6059

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    Owen Cramer

    Professor, Moses Giles Professor of Classics

    Fields: Homer and Oral Poetry

    Cossitt Hall #203
    (719) 389-6443

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    Marcia Dobson


    Fields: Ancient Greek Religion, Drama, and Psychoanalytic Theory

    Cossitt Hall #204
    (719) 389-6442

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    Sanjaya Thakur

    Associate Professor, Chair

    Fields: Latin Literature and Culture

    Cossitt Hall, 102B
    (719) 389-6008

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    Britta Ager

    Fields: Ancient Magic & Agriculture

    Cossitt Hall, 104E
    (719) 389-6460

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    Ted Kelting

    Fields: Egypt & The Roman World

    Cossitt Hall #104D

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    Clayton Schroer

    Cossitt Hall, 101B

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    Eileen Broderick

    Academic Admin Assistant

    Cossitt Hall, #202
    (719) 227-8333

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    Cooperating Faculty 

    Timothy Fuller (Political Science)

    Eve Grace (Political Science) 

    Lisa B. Hughes (English, Comparative Literature)

    Ruth Kolarik (Art History)

    Carol Neel (History)

    Kayla Lenkner (Library, Collections & Research Librarian)