Mediterranean Studies

Applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Advisers J. LEE, THAKUR

Minor Requirements

This language-based minor allows students to choose from an array of courses in different departments and fields in order to fulfill its requirements.

There are two basic options:

Option A: Two units in the study of the Mediterranean world, three units of foreign language study (in a single language), and a capstone course. (6 units minimum.)

Option B: Three units from the Mediterranean Semester applied toward the minor, two additional foreign language units, and a capstone course. (6 units minimum.)

In both options, at least two units must be at the 300-level. Languages include French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.

Mediterranean Studies Courses include:

Topics courses where appropriate

First-Year Experience courses which address the Mediterranean

Upper-level courses in the Classics, Spanish, French and Italian Departments.

Art: AH 207-Greece and Rome; AH 208-Byzantine Art; AH 209-Late Antiquity;

AH 210- Islamic Art; AH 221-Art of the Renaissance

Classics: CL 125-Ancient Multicultures; CL 216/HY 216 Roman History I; CL

226/HY 227-Roman History II; CL 250-Athenian Democracy

English: EN 223-The Bible as Literature

History: HY 131-Civilization in the Middle East; HY262 Islamic Empires and their Discontents; HY 275-The Renaissance and the Reformation; HY 344-Modern France and Italy

Philosophy: PH 101-Greek Philosophy; PH 244-History of Social and Political Philosophy-Classical Visions

Political Science: PS 234-Freedom and Empire; PS 313-The Middle East and North Africa; PS 314-International Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Religion: RE 140-Islam, RE 120-Judaism, RE 130-Christianity

Students should check with the advisors of the minor for other courses which qualify for inclusion in the minor.

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