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Paige Harari


Class of 2017

Paige is currently living in Brooklyn, NY working as a Production Assistant in the Film/TV industry.

"While my current profession doesn't revolve around Classics per se, the ability to decipher the interconnectedness between different industries, people and beliefs is a skill I learned from the Classics program. Classics courses always push you to draw connections not only between different myths or ways of life between Greeks and Romans for example, but between antiquity and our current state of the world. Seeking to find those connections has allowed my professional network to flourish and made me incredibly adaptable to changing work environments."

Sabrina Piersol


Class of 2017

Sabrina graduated with a double major in Classics and Studio Art. She is a painter based in Aspen, CO, where she is also the Youth & Family Programs Manager at the Aspen Museum of Art.

"Classics had an important effect on the artwork I produce, particularly on my environmental paintings. These explore the meaning and value of fragments. My ideas were heavily influenced by the study of Sappho's poetic fragments in Ancient Greek, which I first encountered at Colorado College and then studied further while getting my MFA at UC San Diego."

Maddie Cahill-Sanidas


Class of 2017

Maddie is an Associate at Campaign Finance Consultants, a political consulting firm in Washington, DC. In September 2020, she will begin the Flex MBA program at Georgetown University.

"I think something unique to the Classics major cohort are the ties you have within the major - for example, Emma Johnson is one of my closest friends in Washington - Classics brought us together!"

Alexis Davis


Class of 2018, Ancient History Minor

Alexis is currently working for the Denver Public Library.

"Having a thematic minor in Ancient World has allowed me to have great conversations with my patrons and coworkers regarding Greek mythology and Greek literature! I've even been asked by patrons to give talks about Ancient Greece."

Spencer Cortney Green


Class of 2012

Classics-History-Politics Major

Spencer just finished their coursework for the Masters of Humanities program at the University of Colorado Denver with a focus area of philosophy and theory and a certificate in women and gender studies. They are currently writing their thesis and researching potential PhD programs. They have also been working in the nonprofit sector in Denver since graduating from CC in 2012.

"My Classics education prepared me exceptionally well for graduate studies. Even though there was a five year break between leaving CC and starting my MH program, both the course material and skills taught to me by Owen and Sanjaya were still applicable and in my memory, a testament to their quality of instruction."

David Wright


Class of 2014

David has been working in marketing and management for a couple of small breweries in Denver and in rural, souther Illinois since graduating from CC. He will be switching gears in fall 2021 and attending a graduate program for urban planning (deferred a year due to COVID-19.)

"My Classics thesis was on inebriation/altered states and communication with the divine in the ancient world and, through this project, Owen helped me attain a Venture Grant to study microbrewery culture in different parts of Colorado and how it connected to local communities. Classics instilled in me a real interest in how people interact with their surrounding communities and how those communities take shape, leading me to want to pursue urban planning in the future."

Emily Kohut


Class of 2016

Emily is currently working for Penrose Library in downtown Colorado Springs in the Family and Children's Services Department.

"Classics always fed my need to be around and consuming stories. Literature has always driven me, and the myths, history, etc., that I was able to immerse myself in through Classics at CC filled my soul and encouraged me to continue to seek stories. Working at a library, and specifically for children, really just fuels that fire as I get to work with and share stories constantly! (Plus every once in a while I get to yell about the myths and lore I love!)"

Cassandra Casias


Class of 2011

Cassandra accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Classical Studies at Duke University.

"Sanjaya taught me Augustine in Latin after Carol Neel (History) had introduced me to the Confessions in translation: without them, I never would have started on my path as a late antique historian.
Marcia gave me a copy of Nestle-Aland's New Testament. She showed me how to appreciate the simplicity of Koine, at the same time that Lisa Hughes (Comp Lit) had taught me so much about the Bible through the King James Version. Because of them, I began to focus on the history of early Christianity.
Owen taught a class on Ancient Multicultures that interested me immensely in cross-cultural interactions in the Ancient Mediterranean world. Claire Garcia, Laura Padilla, and Adrienne Seward (English) provided me the postcolonial framework to research culture and ethnicity under the Roman Empire."
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