Casey Andree - 2009

Casey is a secondary math teacher with Teach for America in Memphis, TN.

Ella Rauch - 2009

Ella is a law student at Willamette University College of Law.

Caroline Thompson - 2009

Caroline is a law student at Albany Law School of Union University, in Albany New York. She is also a Federal Judicial Intern at the Federal District Court, Northern District of New York.

Sierra Fleenor - 2008

Sierra received her MA in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School in 2012 and currently works as the Program Coordinator for the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Erynn Lefils-Shaw Montgomery - 2008

Erynn is a Mental Health Counselor at the Jefferson Hills Center for Mental Health in Wheat Ridge, CO, and will graduate with a Masters in Clinical Counseling in May of 2013.

Garrik Storgaard - 2008

Garrik is studying law at the University of Denver.

Sami Adler - 2007

Sami received her MAT from Colorado College in 2008 and now teaches Latin at Rocky Mountain Classical Academy.

MaryAnn Holland - 2007

MaryAnn is studying for her MA in Organizational Leadership at Columbia University, while working as Director of the College Office for Achievement First Amistad High School in New Haven, CT.

Nathaniel Kidd - 2007

Nathaniel is currently in his Middle year of the MDiv Program at Nashotah House, heading toward ordination in Anglicanism or PhD work in Patristics, Liturgics, or New Testament.

Holly Millard - 2007

After receiving her Police Academy Certification, Holly is serving as a Police Officer for the city of St. Francis, WI.

Evangelos Smith - 2007

Evan is currently working as a biologist intern at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, TX.

Michael Anthony Fowler - 2006

After receiving a B.A. from Colorado College in 2006, Michael attended Harvard University, where he completed a M.T.S. in Religions of the World, with particular interest in spatial and temporal context of the ancient Mediterranean (2008). He continued graduate studies in Classical Archaeology at Tufts University and took the M.A. in 2010. Currently, Michael is a teaching fellow at Columbia University.

Ben Miele - 2006

Ben is a pursuing his PhD in Early Modern Studies (particularly Shakespeare and the connections between his and Ovid's work) at the University of Iowa.

Laura Morgan - 2006

Laura is a third-year medical student at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Kimberly Shephard - 2006

Kim is currently working as a Study Abroad Advisor in the Study Abroad Office here at CC, but will be pursuing her PhD in Medieval History at the University of Southern California in Fall of 2008.

Caitlin Anderson - 2005

After receiving a Classical Languages Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from the University of Pennsylvania, Caitlin now works as Assistant to the Curator of Printed Books at the University of Pennsylvania's Rare Book Library.

Heather Perlberg - 2005

Heather received her Master's Degree in Journalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, and is currently employed by Bloomberg News in New York.

Kyle DeBeer - 2003

Kyle is the New Media Director for the Texas Democratic Party.

Kirk Mortensen - 2003

Kirk is the Individual Giving Manager for TheatreWorks in Palo Alto, California.

Christian Donath - 2002

Kip is currently a doctoral student in Political Science at the University of California, San Diego.

Molly Mayfield Barbee - 2001

Molly earned her MDIV from Harvard Divinity School in 2004 and is currently living in Montreal, Canada, finishing her job as the Assistant Director for Development for Peace X Peace. She will soon be joining her husband as a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department in Iraq. In her own words: "My love of languages was just budding at CC, and . . . it continues to grow. . . . Spending time in the CC Classics department was how I first learned that languages are an especially good 'way in' to understanding a culture. I now wonder if learning languages might actually be a 'way in' to understanding more than just cultural perspectives, but personal ones as well. I'm planning to do some work in psychology . . . (eventually) and hope to follow this theory/question about languages up in the
practice of counseling."

Susan Heard - 2001

Susan is the owner of Cinnabar Bazaar Jewelry Manufacturing in Telluride, Colorado.

Amanda Laban - 2001

Amanda received her Master Naturalist Certification from the City of Ft. Collins, CO, and is the Office Manager/Member Services for Be Local Northern Colorado.

Robert Beson - 2000

Rob is an architect and teacher at the University of Sydney and the University of Technology in New South Wales, Australia.

Cassandra Mercer - 2000

Cassi earned her MA in Classics at the University of Colorado in 2004 and is currently a Lewis & Clark College employee working at the National Crime Victim Law Institute, a national non-profit dedicated to protecting, enforcing, and advancing crime victims' rights, in Portland, OR.

Catherine Mougalian - 2000

Catt attended the Monterey Institute of International Studies, where she earned her TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). She works now as an English Language Professor at Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Najoya, Japan.

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