Print Shop

Print Shop with Kate Leonard and students printing

The Colorado College printmaking facility incorporates over 2300 square feet of workspace with 10 foot ceilings. The westward facing wall of windows provides outstanding natural light.

There are four fully-equipped printmaking areas for monotype, relief, screen printing, intaglio, solar polymer plate, and lithography. The studios are well organized with an importance placed on personal and environmental safety. All of the studios are well ventilated, including an acid room with separate ventilation. Copper and zinc etching is supported in the acid room along with a spray booth.

The Print Shop includes:

  • Charles Brand Intaglio Press (30" x 50" press bed)
  • Charles Brand Intaglio Press (16" x 30" press bed)
  • Griffin Etching Press Series III (33" x 55" press bed)
  • Griffin Litho Press (33" x 60" press bed)
  • Takatch Garfield Electric Litho Press (30" x 60" press bed)
  • Vandercook letterpress
  • Small proof press for letterpress
  • Aquatint box
  • Two hot plates
  • Assorted rollers for relief work
  • Litho rollers
  • Forty Litho stones ranging from 10" x 12" to 25" x 32"
  • Amergraph V28VMS UV Exposure System with vacuum
  • Epson Laser printer and scanner
  • Rag service
  • Large light table
  • Individual storage areas
  • Two stainless steel sinks
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