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    Exhibition Spaces

    The most challenging and rewarding requirement for the majority of studio majors is the senior exhibit. Preparation for this exhibit will test the student’s ability to work independently on a subject that has been identified as being personally significant. The final installation may take a number of forms, ranging from traditional subject matter and presentation to mixed media environments. 

    Students have the opportunity to show their work in Packard HallCoburn Gallery802 GalleryArts and Crafts Hallway, Cornerstone Arts Center, Studio CTaylor Theater, and other spaces across campus. Similarly, these spaces often serve pop-up exhibitions for course work, visiting artists, and other student-proposed events. At the end of each academic year, a group show of work done by senior majors is installed and a reception is held at graduation for these students, their families, and friends. 

    Packard Hall


          A. Drisko, 2016

    Coburn Gallery


          W. Walls-Tarver, 2017

    802 Gallery (demolished)


          A. Wilson, 2016

    Arts and Crafts Hallway


          C. Wu, 2016

    Cornerstone Arts Center


          H. Weaver, 2016

    Studio C (in Cornerstone Arts Center)


    A. McLeod, 2018

    Taylor Theater


          E. Kearney, 2017