Photography Lab


The Colorado College photography facility includes a communal black and white wet darkroom, a classroom, a film loading room, and a film developing room. The ventilated darkroom has twelve stations and two large stainless steel sinks. The lab's working illumination is four Thomas Duplex safelights. The darkroom is capable of enlarging 35mm up to 4x5 negatives. Individual chemical safety is promoted while encouraging experimental techniques.


The photo lab includes:

  • Four Omega Pro-Lab 4x5 Enlargers
  • Two Super Omega D Dichroic II enlarger
  • Five Leitz enlargers
  • Beseler Dichro 45s enlarger capable of wall projection
  • Six 4x5 studio large format cameras
  • Two Yashicamat medium format cameras
  • Amergraph V28VMS UV Exposure System with vacuum
  • Epson Laser printer and scanner
  • Dry Mount Press
  • Tacking irons
  • Copy Stand
  • Studio Lighting Kit and backdrops
  • Grain focusing magnifiers
  • Saunders four-blade 11x14 easels
  • Digital timers
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