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Governance Positions

Young Alumni Trustee

Selections are advanced to the Board of Trustees by the Nominations and Awards Committee.

The young alumni trustee is approved by the Board of Trustees for a term of two years upon the nomination of the AAB Nominations and Awards Committee and the approval of the Board of Trustees Governance Committee.  Candidates for young alumni trustee should have graduated within the past three years.  They must be able to complete the two-year term within five years of graduation.

Elected Alumni Trustee Candidates

Nominations are solicited from Alumni Association Board members, alumni at large, college staff, and other members of the Colorado College community. The committee considers new nominations, as well as nominees held over from previous cycles.

The selection criteria for each election cycle are developed in cooperation with both the President’s Office and the Board of Trustees Governance Committee. Criteria are:

  • Diversity
  • Strong background with respect to broader issues, including leadership in other for profit and not for profit organizations
  • Demonstrated service and leadership in service to the college
  • General availability to commit to the work of the Board of Trustees and to do the job well
  • Understanding of the fiduciary responsibilities and support for the President of the college
  • Ability to responsibly and effectively deal with issues that come before the Board of Trustees and committees of the Board
  • Philanthropic commitment to the college
  • Ability to articulate, advocate, and advance issues pertaining to alumni

Selections are advanced to the Alumni Association Board by the Nominations and Awards Committee.

Candidates are chosen for their proven dedication to Colorado College, as well as their professional backgrounds and personal accomplishments. Candidates are voted on by CC's alumni-at-large and serve a six-year term. Elected alumni trustees' input and energy are fully used and appreciated in the work of the Board of Trustees.

Alumni Association Board Members

Selections advanced to the Alumni Association Board by the AAB Governance Committee.

Members of the Alumni Association Board are chosen from alumni who have demonstrated their leadership skills and commitment to CC.  New members are elected to the AAB for a four-year term, not to exceed three consecutive terms.  Members should be prepared to participate and be visible in CC events and activities in their geographic regions as representatives and advocates of CC.  They serve on committees and participate in two yearly meetings, one of which is an on-campus weekend in the spring.  The AAB strives to reflect the rich diversity of the college in its membership.

TO NOMINATE A CANDIDATE for either EAT, YAT or for AAB membership, please use this link to go to the nomination landing site.


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