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Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leader Scholarship

The Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) created and supports the Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leader Scholarship, a loan-reducing scholarship that is designed to recognize student leaders on campus and encourage them to stay involved with CC after graduation.

Recipients of this award are well-rounded students with strong leadership qualities and a broad outreach among their classmates, the school, and the community. Competition for the scholarship brings out the best and brightest of future alumni leaders.

This scholarship is available for sophomores and juniors on financial aid and is awarded each spring for the following academic year. Applications are available for the upcoming academic year in early spring. Scholarships of at least $5,000 will be awarded for use in the 2025-26 academic year. 

 Applications open Spring 2025

Requirements and How to Apply 

A link to the application will be provided on this webpage in Spring of 2025. All recipient(s) must be eligible to receive financial aid. It is intended that the scholarship be used to replace a portion of the loans the recipient would otherwise have to acquire, thereby reducing the student’s total debt at graduation. The scholarship is awarded to either a sophomore for use in the recipient’s junior year, and/or a junior for use in the recipient’s senior year.

Before applying for the Student Leader Scholarship, please take the opportunity to learn more about the AAC

For questions or to request more information, contact Eric Greenwood at You may also reach out to the Office of Alumni and Family Relations at or (719) 389-6775.

About the AAC

The mission of the Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) is to advance the general interests of the college and its alumni; to promote the college as a liberal arts institution of excellence with both national and international distinction, and promote the participation of alumni in the college’s affairs.

Members of the AAC are alumni who have demonstrated their leadership skills in various volunteer capacities for the college such as alumni admission representatives, career volunteers, fundraisers, events volunteers.

In the below video, 2022-23 scholarship awardee Libby Lazzara '23 shares a message for current CC students, encouraging applications for the AAC Student Leader Scholarship.


2024 Student Leader Scholarship Recipients 

Alicia Chavez '26


Major: Political Science
Minor: Music 
Hometown: Littleton, Colorado 

Favorite CC Memory:  Having group dinners, movie and game nights with all of my friends that I met in the Bridge Scholars Program. 

Favorite Class Thus Far: Chicanx/Latinx Literature 

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

The skills that I have learned so far during my time at CC would be the ability to fully dedicate myself to the work that I am doing while maintaining a resilient mindset. The block plan is a journey for the brave that will challenge you more than expected. However, maintaining a resilient, focused mindset has paid off more than I could have imagined. With the able to be resilient in the face of adversity, I am confident in my ability to advocate for Colorado College among students and alumni during times of success and struggle. While I want remain honest about my feelings towards Colorado College over time, I will always return to my foundational view towards CC, which is that this institution changed my life for the better. 

How do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

During my time at CC, I have had the opportunity to lead, create, and sponsor a variety of programs in student life. I now understand the amount of work it takes to fuel large community outreach programs while balancing a busy schedule on the block plan. I would like to use my experience of struggle and hard work to support students when they too are faced with the challenge of creating new programs. As a leader within the CC community, I have learned about the importance of having a strong support system of students, faculty, and alumni. So I would love to be able to advise and support current CC students as an alumni so that they are able to achieve their greatest potential when doing innovative work on campus. 

Reign La France '25


Major: Business, Economics, and Society
Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Favorite CC Memory: My favorite CC memories are those I make with friends! Whether
camping on block breaks, snowboarding during the winter, or traveling on longer breaks through
venture grants like the one I just did to New Zealand, I’ve created so many unforgettable
memories with the best people ever.

Favorite Class Thus Far: Gusto: Italian Food as Art, Culture & Tradition. 

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

My journey at Colorado College has been marked by active involvement and leadership, from
serving in CCSGA for three years to mentoring first-year students and creating impactful
marketing content. These experiences have taught me the importance of ethical leadership and community engagement. The skills I've gained, such as effective time management and collaborative teamwork, have been invaluable in both academic and professional settings such as internships. As I graduate, I'm committed to advocating for CC among my peers and alumni,
leveraging these skills to promote the institution's mission and foster a sense of pride and
connection within the community.

How do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

My transformative journey at Colorado College has deeply inspired me to pay it forward. As someone who understands the challenges of navigating college without a support network, I'm committed to serving as a mentor for students who share similar backgrounds. I envision offering guidance, networking opportunities, and any other support necessary to help them thrive academically and professionally. Witnessing the impact of engaged CC alumni has reaffirmed my desire to contribute to the community's legacy of support and growth. Like those who have guided me, I aspire to become a steward for future students, nurturing their academic and career pursuits while fostering a vibrant environment of shared experiences and memories.

 Noor Issa '25


Major: Psychology and REMS Double Major
Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Favorite CC Memory: Cooking and sharing meals with friends! 

Favorite Class Thus Far: Social Psychology and Pan-African Social Movements

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

Throughout my CC experience I've grown in many ways that I am grateful for. Alongside my peers, professors and the CC community, the value of being connected and working together rings true. CC has allowed me to build genuine relationships and given me the opportunity to learn from so many talented and kind individuals. The importance of community is one of my biggest takeaways from these 3 years. Post-graduation, I aim to take these skills to promote solidarity, support, and mutual learning with those around me. In light of ongoing and recent global injustices, I am so honored to be among friends and peers who show up for what they believe in and truly demonstrate their commitment to love, shared humanity, and justice. I hope to continue learning alongside others to shape our future and maintain insistence on care, equity, unity, and standing up for what is right. 

How do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

As an alumna I aim to show my gratitude and give back to ensure that future CC students are able to access what I had the privilege to and more. Finding belonging and having networks of care is important to everyone. In my time at CC, navigating my place as a Muslim woman and Arab-American has taught me the importance of showing up for each other and having strength in our identities. I am driven to maintain my connections with current clubs and organizations that cultivated this sense of belonging and purpose for me and others. Through my time, talent, and treasure, I hope to contribute to the growth of various departments and programs in order to support students of underrepresented backgrounds in their journey during and after CC.  

Aditya Yadav '25

Aditya Yadav headshotMajor: Philosophy
Hometown: South Brunswick, New Jersey

Favorite CC Memory: My favorite CC memory was working for the Collaborative for Community Engagement where I assisted in the development of on-campus clubs, bringing together the CC and Colorado Springs community.

Favorite Class Thus Far: Recent Continental Philosophy with Professor Jonathan Lee was phenomenal—I learned about the distribution of power as well as methods to instill change within the system.

After you Graduate how will you use the skills you've learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

After graduation, I plan to leverage the skills and experiences I've gained at Colorado College to be an advocate for CC among my classmates and other alumni. Through active participation in alumni networks and engagement with current students, I will share my post-college experiences and promote the value of a CC education. Whether through mentorship, networking events, or alumni-led initiatives, I will work to strengthen the bonds within the CC community and showcase the impact of our alma mater on shaping future leaders and changemakers.

How do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

I plan to give back to Colorado College with my time, talent, and treasure by actively engaging with current students and alumni, supporting institutional initiatives, and advocating for positive change. Through mentorship programs, guest lectures, and career panels, I will share my insights and experiences to help current students navigate their academic and professional journeys. Additionally, I will stay actively involved in alumni networks and contribute financially to support scholarships, campus enhancements, and other initiatives that align with CC's mission and values. By investing in the future of CC and fostering a culture of giving back, I aim to ensure that future generations of students have access to the same transformative opportunities that I had during my time at Colorado College.


Tim Smith '25

Aditya Yadav headshotMajor: Sociology
Minor: History
 Minneapolis, Minnesota

Favorite CC Memory: I was extremely lucky to attend a dinner with Scholar-Activist Ruth Wilson Gilmore when she delivered the O’Connor lecture on campus in the fall of 2023. Sharing community and discussion with such an influential abolitionist thinker and my peers was an invaluable and unforgettable experience that would not have been possible without the work of so many incredible departments and people at CC!

Favorite Class Thus Far: My FYP, Foundations of Radical Nonviolence

After you Graduate how will you use the skills you've learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

My time at CC has taught me how to engage with people in nuanced and caring ways, and how organizing work, when done with deliberation and care, can truly change lives, policies, and beliefs. I truly believe that I would not hold such erspectives, nor be the student or person I am without the guidance of several CC alumni - I can only hope to help foster that same knowledge, care, and perspective for future generations of CC students. 

How do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

Out of the justice-oriented organizations I am a part of here at CC, I hope to co-create strong and long-lasting blueprints and infrastructure for future years at CC with the hope of creating the critical and engaged student leaders and community members of the future. I aim to continue to involve myself with CC and its social justice work/education, as many alumni have done the same for me.


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