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Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leadership Scholarship

The Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) created and supports the Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leadership Scholarship, a loan-reducing scholarship that is designed to recognize student leaders on campus and encourage them to stay involved with CC after graduation.

Recipients of this award are well-rounded students with strong leadership qualities and a broad outreach among their classmates, the school, and the community. Competition for the scholarship brings out the best and brightest of future alumni leaders.

This scholarship is available for sophomores and juniors on financial aid and is awarded each spring for the following academic year. Applications are available for the upcoming academic year in early spring.

Requirements and How to Apply 

The recipient(s) must be eligible to receive financial aid. It is intended that the scholarship be used to replace a portion of the loans the recipient would otherwise have to acquire, thereby reducing the student’s total debt at graduation. The scholarship is awarded to either a sophomore for use in the recipient’s junior year, and/or a junior for use in the recipient’s senior year.

Before applying for the AAC Leadership Scholarship, please take the opportunity to learn more about the AAC on our website

Click here to access the online application, which asks applicants to:

  • Complete an online questionnaire
  • Upload a supplemental resume
  • Complete essay questions

The application window is currently open. You can save and return to your application until 11:50 p.m. MT on Monday, March 14, when the scholarship application window closes. For questions, please contact Jacob Sanchez at

For questions or to request more information, contact Jacob Sanchez at You may also reach out to the Office of Alumni and Family Relations at or (719) 389-6775.

About the AAC
The mission of the Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) is to advance the general interests of the college and its alumni; to promote the college as a liberal arts institution of excellence with both national and international distinction, and promote the participation of alumni in the college’s affairs.

Members of the AAC are alumni who have demonstrated their leadership skills in various volunteer capacities for the college such as alumni admission representatives, career volunteers, fundraisers, events volunteers (alumni club program), and reunion planners.

2021 Student Leadership Scholarship Recipients 

Maddie Ross ’22

  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Minors: Molecular Biology and Classics
  • Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Favorite CC Memory:

Summer 2019. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a block abroad in Italy — my first time outside of the country! Exploring the cobblestone streets, museums, and ancient ruins with the classics and philosophy dream team (Associate Professor Sanjaya Thakur, Classics; Assistant Professor Richard Fernando Buxton, Classics; Professor Marcia Dobson, Classics; and Professor John Riker, Philosophy) was unforgettable.

Favorite Class Thus Far:

The Ruins of Modernity course with Assistant Professor of History Jake Smith expanded my local and global perspective and gave much-needed energy during quarantine regarding the importance of community and collaborative problem-solving.

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

I would engage with the Alumni and Student Engagement Committee to harness alumni support and advise students during the daunting task of navigating post-graduate opportunities. The Block Plan has taught me to always ask questions, which through continued relationship building, I intend to do to support ongoing student and faculty needs. Among my personal alumni community, I will foster advocacy out of reflection on our own student experiences.

After you graduate, how do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

I was drawn to Colorado College because it promotes a culture of breaking bread and giving back time. As a graduate student, I look forward to forging continued and new connections with the college. I intend to provide mentorship to students navigating the Block Plan through TigerLink, volunteering to speak on Collaborative for Community Engagement or psychology panels, and engaging with Bonner students. Growing up in the Springs, I spent much of my childhood on campus. When I come back to visit my family, I will be eager to see campus.

Grace Wade-Stein ’23

  • Major: History-Political Science
  • Hometown: Louisville, Colorado

Favorite CC Memory:

My favorite CC memory is talking and laughing on the roof of Shove Chapel with friends I met during Winter Start Orientation.

Favorite Class Thus Far:

My favorite class has been Creative Writing: The Moving Line, which was one of the first classes that I took online. I loved practicing art as mindfulness and found it to be very grounding during the early days of the pandemic.

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

After graduation, I will use the leadership and communication skills that result from my academic and extracurricular experiences to advocate for CC by encouraging fellow classmates and alumni to express their gratitude for the opportunities that CC provided them by giving back to the school and the community it fosters. I will urge them to help send other students to CC so that they may also benefit from all the school has to offer; I will motivate them to use their expertise as students and resources as alumni to further improve the school for future generations of students.

After you graduate, how do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

As a recipient of financial aid, the school’s grants and scholarships were the only reason that I was able to fulfill my dream of attending CC. I will return the favor by donating my time, talent, and treasure to ensure that as many students as possible are able to attend this fine institution. I intend to apply my resources to issues of equity and accessibility so that everyone who wants to be part of the CC community can be; I will give back to the school by ensuring that its students are those who are most passionate about attending.

Zaria Taylor ’22

  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Favorite CC Memory:

One of my favorite CC memories was when I performed on stage for the first time as a student choreographer during Fall 2019 and for the first time choreographed my own piece and used my leadership, people, and organizational skills to bring my artistic vision onto the stage.

Favorite Class Thus Far:

My favorite class thus far is Biology of Animals with Professor of Organismal Biology and Ecology Brian Linkhart.

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

My leadership skills, people skills, and sense of gratitude will provide me the confidence and discipline needed to handle difficult tasks. I will show my fellow classmates and alumni how we can give more gratitude and appreciation for the hard work that has been done for our community. My people skills will help me assess and understand the needs of CC classmates and alumni. My leadership skills will help me leverage other people’s strengths to amplify the characteristics that can benefit our community and find innovative ways to make it better.

After you graduate, how do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

As a choreographer and entrepreneur, I aspire to add value to CC’s performing arts department to provide support for students who dream of starting businesses. I want to provide funding to allow for greater diversity of dance and music and collaborate with faculty, staff, and students on new ways to introduce dance beyond Dance Workshop and adjunct classes. As an entrepreneur, I would like to serve students who are curious and committed to creating opportunities for others in their communities by coaching them with the necessary tools and mindset to build a strong foundation and thrive even though they anticipate challenges.



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