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Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leader Scholarship

The Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) created and supports the Colorado College Alumni Association Student Leader Scholarship, a loan-reducing scholarship that is designed to recognize student leaders on campus and encourage them to stay involved with CC after graduation.

Recipients of this award are well-rounded students with strong leadership qualities and a broad outreach among their classmates, the school, and the community. Competition for the scholarship brings out the best and brightest of future alumni leaders.

This scholarship is available for sophomores and juniors on financial aid and is awarded each spring for the following academic year. Applications are available for the upcoming academic year in early spring. Scholarships of at least $5,000 will be awarded for use in the 2023-24 academic year. 

Applications for the 2024 scholarships will open in early 2024.

Requirements and How to Apply 

Submit your application using this link: Please note, the recipient(s) must be eligible to receive financial aid. It is intended that the scholarship be used to replace a portion of the loans the recipient would otherwise have to acquire, thereby reducing the student’s total debt at graduation. The scholarship is awarded to either a sophomore for use in the recipient’s junior year, and/or a junior for use in the recipient’s senior year.

Before applying for the Student Leader Scholarship, please take the opportunity to learn more about the AAC on our website

For questions or to request more information, contact Jacob Sanchez at You may also reach out to the Office of Alumni and Family Relations at or (719) 389-6775.

About the AAC

The mission of the Colorado College Alumni Association Council (AAC) is to advance the general interests of the college and its alumni; to promote the college as a liberal arts institution of excellence with both national and international distinction, and promote the participation of alumni in the college’s affairs.

Members of the AAC are alumni who have demonstrated their leadership skills in various volunteer capacities for the college such as alumni admission representatives, career volunteers, fundraisers, events volunteers (alumni club program), and reunion planners.

In the below video, 2022-23 scholarship awardee Libby Lazzara '23 shares a message for current CC students, encouraging applications for the AAC Student Leader Scholarship.


2022 Student Leader Scholarship Recipients 

Reign Commodore '24 


Major: Dance & Body Politics (Independently Designed Major)
Minor: Creative Writing
Hometown: New York City

Favorite CC Memory: Creating choreography for Dance Workshop for the first time with my closest friends in Cossit Hall. There was so much support, fun, and creativity shared amongst all of us, marking such a joyful moment in my CC experience.

Favorite Class Thus Far: Nhaka: Art Making, the Animist Body, and Radical Black African Presences (Artists in Residence)

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

Colorado College is really a space for intention, as there is such freedom offered alongside the opportunities and privileges of this school. As a student here, I have learned how to build intention across the many areas of my life as personal, academic, and career understandings. While I continue to expand my perspective globally in a post-undergraduate setting, I will share these skills CC has taught me of curating meaning in paths that can impact people in creative and political contexts.

After you graduate, how do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

Most of all, I plan to be a resource for students whose experiences at CC are very marginalized, yet so valuable. As I continue to create through art in the future and politically contextualize the spaces I will be in, I want to be in supportive communication with BIPOC students and community as a resource to amplify and uplift the voices and plans for meaningful impact in CC’s long-term future.

Libby Lazzara '23


Major: Psychology
Minor: Studio Art
Hometown: Portland, OR

Favorite CC Memory: One of my favorite experiences from my time at CC is when Dr. William Cross, a notable psychologist, attended a day of class in my Racial Identity Development course. As a class, we read two of his books and spent the first two weeks discussing and crafting questions for his visit. To then have him be able to talk back to us and bring life into the words and text he had written was an academic experience I will always cherish.

Favorite Class Thus Far: Social Psychology with Jason Weavers has by far been one of my favorite classes. Not only was the material fascinating but Jason’s style of teaching encourages students every day to come in and find something they are excited or inspired by relating to psychology. It was in his class that I began to really hone in on my interests in psychology and began the very first stages of research that ultimately laid the foundation for my thesis.

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

I think one of the biggest skills I will be able to take away from CC is the importance of relationships with peers, faculty, staff, coaches, etc. The intimate nature of CC’s small campus and class sizes have provided me the practice of engaging with and learning from all members of our community and I hope to continue to deepen these relationships by staying connected with alumni and current students via TigerLink.

After you graduate, how do you plan to use your experiences at CC to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

After graduation I plan on continuing to donate and support CC’s Mutual Aid, which is a student run and community-based organization that provides financial support to current students. Through working over five jobs on campus, being involved in multiple clubs, and being a part of the volleyball team my first two years, I have become deeply enmeshed in a range of communities on campus. I hope to use these relationships to stay connected as both a resource and advocate for students throughout the Colorado College community as an alum.  

Cormac McCrimmon '23


Major: History
Hometown: Denver, CO

Favorite CC Memory: My favorite memory so far is completing a Ritt Kellogg backpacking trip in the Wind River Range with three of my close friends.

Favorite Class Thus Far: Crime and Punishment

After you graduate, how will you use the skills you’ve learned so far to be an advocate for CC among your classmates and other alumni?

I will use my storytelling and community-building experience to advocate for CC. As a senior and after graduation, I will continue producing a podcast to interview CC alumni-entrepreneurs and changemakers. Alumni stories highlight why liberal arts matter, how CC prepares students to solve problems and how students should navigate life after CC. Stories encourage people to relive their experiences and give back.

I will also seek to build community and encourage others to embrace their connection to CC. Strengthening connections among alumni can help others see their responsibility to the school.

After you graduate, how do you plan to give back to CC with your time, talent, and treasure?

In my time at CC, I’ve strived to address problems I see. After graduation, I will continue seeking leadership positions. I would love to serve on the Alumni Association or Board of Trustees. I plan to mentor students through the Public Interest Fellowship Program. I hope to stay in touch with professors and would eagerly return to speak with classes. Finally, I plan to contribute financially to the school and remind others how past donors’ generosity has shaped their lives. 
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