Collaborative Resources

The mission of Colorado College as a residential liberal arts college calls on all members of the community to engage in collaboration. At the core of our educational model lies the idea that learning and growth happen everywhere on our campus, inside and outside of the traditional classroom. The truly holistic educational experience we aim to provide our students should engage their intellects as well as their imaginations. Many of these high impact teaching and learning experiences are the result of cross-campus and cross-discipline collaborations which are made possible through the dedication, inspiration, and effort of all community members, including faculty, staff, students, and community partners.

In order to provide the best liberal arts education available to our students, this page is designed to provide access to and information about resources that can help faculty and staff achieve an integrated, multi-faceted, and inclusive model of education. It aims to help connect you with campus resources, individuals, offices, programs, or departments that may have shared scholarly and/or practitioner expertise as well as focused learning outcomes, goals, and passions. As such, these campus resources are key collaborative partners and programmers on campus that can potentially help make new collaborative visions come to life that will benefit our students' educational experiences.

Partners and Resources

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