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Thank you for visiting our website for important information about The Butler Center. Our work is to inspire and foster an equitable intellectual and social climate that is inclusive and respectful human dignity. This work includes you as a co-creator of our aspirational community.

We invite you to take advantage of the important opportunities we provide for inclusive student support and engagement, shared teaching and learning for faculty, staff, and students, and facilitated community-building activities. The Butler Center Staff are warm and inviting professional who serve as resources to information, advisors/mentors for holistic student development, facilitators of shared learning, and connectors for enriching relationships.

The Butler Center, named for one of the earliest African American alums who invested in the future of CC, serves as the hub of diversity, inclusion, intercultural exchange, equity, and empowerment for the entire Colorado College community. It is a catalyst for this important work that is shared by many departments and people. This work is sometimes uncomfortable and challenging, but always incredibly rewarding for our community. Please join us and allow us to join you.

Throughout this academic year, our educational and dialogue opportunities will have a particular emphasis on understanding racism/white supremacy, and its impact on all citizens, especially communities of color. Please contact our office and read our newsletters to learn more about these opportunities for learning, dialogue, and self-care.


Paul M. Buckley, PhD

Assistant Vice President of the College

Director of The Butler Center