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    Registering for Courses Home Page

    Registering for courses can be a stressful and confusing time at any college but particularly at CC with our unique block plan.  We want to make sure that you go into this important process with all the info you need to make informed decisions.  While you should do your homework on what you want by yourself, remember the importance of meeting with your advisor.  They will help you think through your options and make the best choices for your goals at CC.   


    Information coming soon!

    *Note for Transfer Students: New transfer students are not required to take an First Year Experience course (FYE). Transfer students admitted in the Fall or Winter send their course registrations to the Registrar’s Office before classes begin and can choose from the complete course listings; typically courses that have availability. Transfer students do not bid points for courses offered in their first semester at CC because Preregistration for returning students has already been processed.

    For more detailed information please go to the First Year Preregistration Page.  

    Fall 2020 Preregistration

    Preregistration for Fall semester has been adjusted and will now be April 13 – May 1, 2020. Students will be required to submit a full schedule for both Fall and Spring! You'll have 3 weeks to submit your selections via Preregistration under your Student Tab in SSB. Your Fall selections will be processed after Preregistration closes on May 1st and your Spring selections will be saved as a draft to submit during Spring 2021 Preregistration in the Fall; dates are TBD. Course offerings are being finalized and will become available in SSB; minor adjustments may continue.

    For more detailed information please go to the Fall Semester Preregistration.