Projects and Grants Funded by WES

Table of projects and grants funded by WES organized by chronological order

Built Montgomery Hall, Colorado College's first residence hall for women ($15,000).

1897-98 Furnished Ticknor Hall, a residence hall for women ($1,902).
1899-1900 Remodeled and improved Hagerman Hall, a residence hall for men ($500).
1901 Furnished South Hall, a residence hall for women ($1,500).
1901 Furnished the reception area of East Hall, a residence hall for women ($150).
1902-03 Paid the salary of the first Colorado College nurse.
1903 Helped to plan McGregor Hall, the college's third residence hall for women; it included the first women's gymnasium.
1903-11 Provided furnishings and improvements in Montgomery Hall (women) and Hagerman Hall (men) ($520).
1908 Paid expenses for CC students with typhoid fever ($430).
1911 Established men's hospital fund.
1919-49 Established the Marie Sahm Memorial Lecture Fund for the fine arts ($2,000).
1927 Established the WES Student Loan Fund ($2,000).
1931 Subsidized a study trip for Koshare, the student dramatic society ($25).
1935-44 Purchased, redecorated, and furnished a house that was given to the college in 1936 to be used as the college infirmary ($8,500).
1943-44 Supported a summer camp for underprivileged children ($100).
1947-48 Renovated and refurbished the college infirmary ($610).
1948 Purchased a microfilm reader for Coburn Library ($285).
1949 Contributed to an endowed chair in social sciences ($100).
1950-54 Provided funds for the remodeling and renovation of the auditorium of Perkins Fine Arts Building ($30,730).
1951-54 Gave annual support to the college counseling center ($1,600).
1951 Furnished a clubhouse for the non-Greek women.
1951 Purchased recordings of popular music for the college radio station KRCC.
1954 Gave three chairs to the college infirmary ($120).
1954-55 Purchased a Steinway grand piano for the Perkins Fine Arts Building ($3,500).
1955-56 Provided four scholarships for outstanding women ($2,540).
1956-57 Helped to purchase a sprinkler system for the campus "Help to Keep Our Campus Green" project ($2,500).
1957-59 Furnished and equipped the WES room in the Rastall Student Center ($5,000).
1959-60 Provided an additional scholarship ($3,200).
1961 Awarded prizes to contributors to KINNIKINNIK, the college literary magazine ($60).
1961-62 Remodeled and renovated two large rooms of Cossitt Hall for a dance studio and a physical education facility for women ($10,650).
1962 Provided books for the patients' library at the Fort Logan (Colorado) Veterans Hospital.
1962 Sponsored a Women's Financial Forum, a four-part series on "Fundamentals of Finance."
1964 Equipped and furnished a physiotherapy room for the college's new infirmary ($3,000).
1966-67 Contributed to improved campus lighting ($2,500).
1968 Initiated Members' Project Program consisting of lectures and presentations by faculty and WES members for the college community.
1969 Purchased a case to house rare documents in Tutt Library ($430).
1970 Updated the Colorado Collection in the Tutt Library ($3,500).
1971-74 Conducted four used book sales for the benefit of Tutt Library.
1974 Furnished the Colorado College Room for special collections in the Tutt Library ($20,700).
1977 Provided acoustical improvements and drapery in the WES Room in Rastall Student Center.
1980-81 Placed a commemorative plaque in the WES Room of Rastall Student Center.
1980-81 Provided a building directory for Packard Hall of Music and Art.
1982-85 Furnished and equipped a wellness clinic and an educational center for health and fitness in the Boettcher Health Center ($32,000).
1988-89 Sponsored a variety of events including lectures and an art exhibit at the college to commemorate the one hundred-year anniversary of WES.
1989 Endowed the annual college lectureship, "Women in the West" ($50,000).
1989-90 Sponsored three special publications in recognition of the WES centennial. Helen Hunt Jackson's Colorado; a limited edition of poems by Emily Dickinson and Helen Hunt Jackson; and A Quiet Work; One Hundred Years of the W.E.S. ($15,000).
1991 Sponsored the rededication of Montgomery Hall in honor of its being placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
1994 Contributed funds for improved congregational lighting in Shove Chapel ($5,000). WES sponsored a tea and tour of Shove Chapel to benefit this project.
1994 Co-hosted a tea with the college to honor Dorothy Bryson on her 100th birthday for her long devotion and contributions to WES and Colorado College.
1994 Named a "Dorothy P. Bryson Special Student Assistance Fund" to honor her birthday. This fund was created by special gifts to WES.
1995 Made a special grant to a Women's Studies class to attend the Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) forum on Women in China ($1,000).
1995 Gave a grant to a WES Scholar enabling her to attend the NGO Forum ($650).
1995 Made a donation for the purchase of an industrial stove for the student-run soup kitchen at Shove Chapel ($1,000).
1995 Gave a grant for Charity Shouse to attend the United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing, China ($650).
1995 Granted to the Women's Studies trip funds for the United Nations Conference on Women ($1,000).
1997 Gave an honorarium to "Ellement," the C.C. women's a cappella choir ($100).
1997 Conducted Van Briggle Pottery Tours to raise money for the scholarship fund.
1998 Held a bridge tournament fund-raiser.
1998 Granted scholar Jaleea Price assistance with food expenses while studying abroad in China ($400).
1998-99 Conducted a sale of note cards, depicting various scenes around campus, as a fund-raiser.
2000 Gave a grant to scholar Vivian Russell for study abroad in the Italian language program ($1,500).
2000 Purchased advertisement in Women's Art Festival publication ($250).
2001 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $537.74).
2002 Donated funds for audio/visual equipment for the WES Room in Worner Center ($1,800).
2002 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $1,645.51).
2002 Donated money for the purchase of fitness equipment located in the Worner Center "Tiger Pit" primarily used by female students of the college ($5,000).
2003 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $800). Pre-Christmas Pottery Sale (raised $538).
2004 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $1,359.11). Artisans Jewelry Sale (raised $391). Marianne Stoller launches her first WES Southwest Tour in September. Stoller Santa Fe and Taos Tour (both tours together raised $4,300).
2005 Launched a three-year campaign project to raise $100,000.Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $696.25).Silent Auction in Colburn Gallery (raised $530).Stoller Four Corners Tour in May.Stoller New Mexico Tour (raised $3,100). Contributed $800 to the Center for Service and Learning.
2006 Continued capital campaign for the WES Scholarship Fund. Stoller British Columbia Tour (raised $3,000).
2007 Continued capital campaign for the WES Scholarship Fund. Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser.Stoller High Peaks and Deep Canyons Tour.Stoller Pueblo Indian and New Mexico Tour. Contributed $500 to the CC International Service Trip Account.
2008 Concluded the 3-year capital campaign for the WES Scholarship Fund (raised over $110,000). Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser.Stoller California Mission Tour.Stoller Canadian Rockies Tour.
2009 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser. Stoller Canyons Tour is held in May. Stoller Canyons Tour held in October.
2010 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised $2,530.83).Stoller Words and Images Tour.Stoller From Atoms to Cosmos Tour. Donated the WES Silver to Tutt Alumni House (value $300).
2011 Contributed $6,100 to the Richard F. Celeste Scholarship Fund (Walton Grant Match to be $6,100). Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser (raised over $4,000). Stoller Four Corners Tour (raised over $3,000). Stoller Wonders of Utah Tour (raised over $3,000). Formed an ad hoc committee to create and publish a supplement to A Quiet Work for the WES 125th Anniversary in 2014.
2013 Ranches, Foundries, Peaks, and Science Tour
2014 125th Anniversary Celebration and publication of A Quiet Work Continues: WES in Its Second Century. Atoms to Cosmos Tour/First Joint Venture with PILLAR. Tetons-Yellowstone-Black Hills Tour. Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser
2015 Contributed $10,000 to Tutt Library's Special Collections department and Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser
2016 Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico Tour with PILLAR. Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser. Historic and Scenic Gems of Colorado Tour
2017 Van Briggle Pottery Tour fundraiser. Splendors of the Southwest Canyons Tour
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