College & Community Engagement

The Woman's Educational Society supports three ‘pillars’ as a part of its service:  scholars, members, and the community.  To serve scholars, WES funds scholarships for 21 students, regardless of sex or gender, at CC each year, adding five scholars in each incoming freshman class.  Scholars are chosen based on both financial need and exceptionalism, and each is mentored by a member of the Board of Managers during their entire time at CC.  In addition to scholarship funds that help pay tuition, WES gives each scholar a stipend to use for books and supplies at the CC bookstore.  Beginning in 2020, WES added the Rising Scholar grant, which gives one to two students per year funding for an unpaid or underpaid internship or research fellowship over the summer.  There is also a Special Purpose grant, which students can use for educational travel or other educational experiences during the summer break.  

Members have the opportunity to engage with WES scholars and with each other at two signature events each year, and also receive our monthly newsletter which includes scholar updates, news about CC, and interviews with former scholars, detailing their accomplishments since graduating from CC. 

Both WES members and community members are served by WES programs, which include a variety of topics and settings, including lectures and discussions with CC professors and other community members who are experts in their fields.

Rocky Mountain Women's Film

WES is an annual sponsor of Rocky Mountain Women's Film, which holds a festival each year in Colorado Springs.  Its goal is to "build community around film by elevating the stories of women and others who are often unheard and unseen".  See the photos of the 2023 event on our News & Events page.

International Women's Day Colorado Springs

WES is also an annual sponsor of the Colorado Springs Celebration of International Women's Day.  WES sends financial support and/or representatives to participate in the planning and execution of the celebration, as well as hosting a table at the event.  Photos from the 2023 event are on our News & Events page.


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