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Andi ruybal

Andi Ruybal '12

The Bridge Scholars Program was an invaluable resource for me at Colorado College. It gave me an edge academically before my FYE even started.  I formed lasting friendships, which still operate as my support system years after graduation. The knowledge, networking, and experiences I encountered as part of the Bridge Scholars Program helped shape the person I am today.

 Andrea “Andi” Ruybal is currently a doctoral student of social psychology and health behavior research at Claremont Graduate University. She continues to support mentoring programs both at the undergrad and graduate levels for minority students. In her free time she enjoys travel, baking, running, and cats.

Alfredo Reyes

Alfredo Reyes '12

The Bridge Scholars Program was an invaluable experience. I was introduced to the college’s world-class faculty and found a community of friends. I took a philosophy class with Professor Alberto Hernandez-Lemus that challenged and expanded my worldview. I was fascinated by the works we read in critical pedagogy, liberation theory, and cosmopolitanism. What I learned through the Bridge Scholars Program continues to impact my personal and professional growth. I made lifelong relationships and the program prepared me for the four years ahead. While at CC, he studied abroad three times and have not stopped traveling since. The Bridge Scholars Program instilled in me a passion for learning and making connections

 Alfredo is a first-generation student from Denver, CO.