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Assessment at CC

Assessment at Colorado College is carried out by departments, interdisciplinary programs, and individual faculty members teaching Critical Perspectives general education courses, and is reviewed by the Assessment Committee. In addition to reviewing bi-annual assessment reports, the committee offers a wide variety of educational programs on assessment and consults with individual faculty members, departments, and interdisciplinary programs on an as-needed basis to support assessment development and improvement.

The members of the 2019-2020 Assessment Committee are:

  • Claire Garcia, English; serving in her role as Dean of the Faculty
  • Sylvan Goldberg, English
  • Sally Meyer, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chair
  • Vanessa Muñoz, Sociology
  • McKinley Sielaff, Government Documents Librarian
  • Amanda Udis-Kessler, Director of Assessment and Program Review.

The Colorado College Critical Perspectives (general education) webpage includes assessment information for our Critical Perspectives program, to be updated once the new general education program is in place.