Assessment Schedule

The assessment calendar involves a two-year, three-report assessment process in which some assessment work is done in the first semester and the second semester of the first year and the remainder of the work is done over the first seven blocks of the second year. A small report is submitted at the end of semesters 1 and 2, and a slightly longer one is submitted at the end of block 7 of year 2. The reports are based on a template consisting of a series of questions; completing the report simply involves answering the questions and, where requested, uploading additional documents. A department or program can work with the Assessment Committee to request a more flexible assessment schedule under certain circumstances.

The first semester (always a fall semester) involves planning; departments/programs identify an area of learning weakness and the most appropriate learning outcomes to use for the assessment process (writing new outcomes for the project if necessary), and determine where, when, and how information will be collected to use in assessing learning. A brief report is due at the end of block 4.

The second semester involves collecting the information identified in the fall. A brief report is due at the end of block 8.

The second year involves reviewing and reflecting on findings and proposing department/program changes (curricular, pedagogical, both, or some other type) to address the concern. A brief report is due by the end of block 7.

The cycle starts again on semester 1 in the third year.

As always, the Committee is happy to provide support for any department or program at any stage of the schedule.

Semester 1: Fall 2023
Semester 2: Spring 2024
Year 2: 2024-2025; report due at end of block 7, 2025

Semester 1: Fall 2025
Semester 2: Spring 2026
Year 2: 2026-2027; report due at the end of block 7, 2027







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