"Assessment is thinking about what you're doing and doing it better." - Professor John Riker

"There are two aspects of the current assessment process that we find especially valuable. First, it poses one of the only mechanisms of accountability for department-wide assessment...the data produced and the reflection it induces have been invaluable. It is because of these data that our department has spearheaded certain discussions around [part of our] curriculum, which otherwise may have taken longer to initiate. Second, it collects physical data that informs fact-based decisions around curriculum changes rather than simply using instinct or intuition." - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2019

Welcome to the Colorado College assessment website. This site is intended to provide guidance for Colorado College department chairs, program directors, and other assessment representatives in order to enable Colorado College to carry out the most useful and meaningful assessment possible at all levels. The site is also intended to serve as a resource for assessment representatives at other colleges and universities.

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Amanda Udis-Kessler, Ph.D.
Director of Assessment and Program Review
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