Facility Guidelines for Consultants & Contractors

The purpose of the Facility Design Guidelines is to provide design teams with clear and concise guidance related to specified and designed material, design processes and procedures, and system performance requirements for Colorado College facilities. The guidelines are to be used for both new and renovation construction types. It is anticipated that the guidelines will serve as the initial technical design concept development resource in the course of preparing and delivering project construction documents.

The guidelines also provide a comprehensive description of the college's intended design and submittal process, design intent documentation, criteria and procedures for the design of High Performance Sustainable Facilities, and specific design and built environment requirements for various system elements of facilities and infrastructure at Colorado College.

These Facility Design Guidelines, when completely implemented with a strong sense of commitment by all participants in the design and construction process, are anticipated to result in superior building and outdoor environments at Colorado College. Using the guidelines as an initial step, we believe design teams are encouraged, supported, and empowered to develop exciting, innovative, and creative 21st century educational, social, and pedagogically rich environments for the students and faculty of Colorado College.

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