Williams Central Plant

Williams Central Plant is located at 908 N Cascade Ave and provides heating and cooling to many of the large residential, academic and support buildings on campus.  The Central Plant is staffed 24 hours a day by our Plant Operators who operate and maintain all of the equipment in the Central Plant and piping distribution systems.  The Plant Operators also act as after hours dispatch and first responders for all facilities related emergencies. 

The Central Plant provides heating to buildings on campus through a high temperature hot water system (HTHW) with provides pressurized hot water of up to 350°F.  This water is pumped from the central plant through the piping distribution system and to heat exchangers in buildings throughout campus.  The primary components in the heating system are three HTHW boilers (G-1=37mmBtu/hr capacity installed in 2012, G-2=50mmBtu/hr capacity installed in 2000, and G-3=25mmBtu/hr capacity installed in 1959) and five system distribution pumps.  The heating plant generally operates year around to serve heating, domestic hot water and process steam needs across campus.  

The Central Plant also provides chilled water for building cooling to many of the large buildings on campus.  The chilled water system (CHW) consists of three water cooled chillers, cooling, and primary and secondary distribution pumps.  The chilled water system typically operates from April through October when building is needed on campus.  

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Contact Information

Williams Central Plant
908 N Cascade Avenue  
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: (719) 389-6522