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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese offers instruction in Spanish and/or Portuguese and cultivates the study of the diverse cultures and literatures of the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America, and relevant populations in the United States. The Department emphasizes a student-centered approach to teaching so that our students can attain proficiency in all communicative linguistic skills and achieve cultural competency. Students will develop critical thinking skills through an interdisciplinary approach, which may include: literature, history, visual and performing arts, and critical theory. Furthermore, the Spanish and Portuguese Department highly values study abroad and offers programs in Spain and Latin America to support our mission.

Our mission aligns well with the stated values and goals of the college’s Mission Statement:  

  • honor the life of the mind as the central focus of our common endeavor;
  • value all persons and seek to learn from their diverse experiences and perspectives;
  • practice intellectual honesty and live with integrity;
  • serve as stewards of the traditions and resources of Colorado College;
  • nurture a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability;
  • encourage engagement and social responsibility at local, national and global levels;
  • seek excellence, constantly assessing our policies and programs.