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Baccalaureate 2020

Congratulations Seniors!

Welcome physics graduates, friends, and family. This is the hub where to find all of the information and content related to this afternoon's festivities.

Start Here!

Kate’s Office: We will meet here together first and walk through making the celebratory cocktail: Kate Carlton (Academic Assistant) and Rory Lowe (Paraprofessional)

Cocktail instructions and ingredients are hereGet your ingredients ready, and mixmaster Philip Taylor will guide our creations. Please TIP via Venmo here: LeeSpiritsPhilip

Zoom Hangout Classrooms

After our celebratory drink we will be breaking out into smaller rooms so that family can have more intimate conversations with our professors. Please feel free to jump into any of these rooms to speak with the professors in there.

Seminar Room: Dr. Stephanie DiCenzo and Dr. Patricia Purdue

Electronics Lab: Dr. Phillip Cervantes and Jeff Steele (Technical Director)

Observatory: Dr. Shane Burns and Dr. Natalie Gosnell

Barnes 219: Dr. Kristine Lang and Dr. Adam Light

Barnes 217: Dr. Jon Brown and Dr. Dick Hilt (emeriti)

Other Activities

check out these other pieces we have put together to celebrate our seniors and virtually welcome families to the department

Slide Show

We have taken photos you have sent in along with some video congratulations from our professors.

Senior Seminars

All Seniors are required to complete a research project and present that project to the department. That project finishes with an academic poster that is displayed in the department. Please take a look at the projects here.

Rolling Ball Sculpture

This year we worked really hard and had this rolling ball sculpture created specifically with physics concepts and it is here and up! We couldn’t let this class leave without getting to see it. This is in the Olin Nevada Entrance. We have remade the case and have this up now. We can’t wait for you all to come back to see it in person.

Alumni Interviews

Check out these interviews compiled this year with Alumni from the last several decades about where they are now and how they got there


THIS MOMENT, please email Kate your personal email address. The department will follow up with you each winter to let you know what we are up to and give you a chance to write in to tell us what YOU are doing. In addition Kate loves to throw a party and this is how you will know if a fun physics homecoming happens.