2021-2022 Events

Barnes-Olin Quad at high noon!  Come get to know other physics majors and faculty.

We have our first seminar of the year this Friday October 8th at noon. 

Career talks focus on one of our physics majors who is now working and they will outline how they got from where you are sitting to where they are now and then they will also talk about what they are doing!

Michael Leveille ’16 is going to do just that. He will be giving you the outline he took from where you are sitting to now, to working for NASA’s flagship telescopes as a Science Operations Analyst.

Friday November 5th at noon we will have a virtual career talk that includes a panel of two medical physicists who are all alumni and are excited to talk about how they got to where they are with you.  The panel will consist of: Vikren Sarkar ’02 and Victoria Bry ’16.

If you are interested in medicine and patient care but not medical school, one of the options available to you would be a career in Medical Physics. Medical Physicists (MPs) are healthcare professionals who are part of the team doing any procedure involving ionizing radiation.

Vik Sarkar is an Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at the University of Utah where he has been practicing Medical Physics since 2009. He graduated from CC as a Physics major in 2002 and went on to get his Ph.D. in radiological sciences from the University of Texas Health Sciences at San Antonio. 

Joining Vik is Victoria Bry ’16 who is in a graduate program at UT Health Sciences at San Antonio.

If you have not gone to any of these, now is your time to see what you are missing. Alumni are coming to tell you what they have done since graduating and how they did it. These are amazing opportunities for you to network and learn from someone who was recently where you are now.

Two alumni from the class of 2018 in one career talk!

Kenn Crossley ‘18 will discuss his path through CC, the Los Alamos National Lab student program, and current studies of materials science and chemistry in the SERP+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree program. He will also share his opinions about where the renewable energy industry is headed in several sectors/technologies and highlight some opportunities for students at various levels.

Sam Meyjes ‘18 is a Battery Engineer and Engineering team leader at Cuberg Inc, helping to develop Lithium Metal batteries for advanced mobility. He will talk about his role at Cuberg, how he got there from Colorado College, and thoughts on working in the commercial battery industry and renewable space in general. He will also discuss open career opportunities at Cuberg.

We are holding our REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) preparation workshop Wednesday, 08 December from 2-3pm.   

Please do the following to prepare:

 1) Make an initial list of programs you are interested in, along with required components of each application. What type of essays, how many letters, official or unofficial transcripts, etc. If you haven't already started, choose at least one program and draft ideas for that application.  

These links should help your program search: 


 2) Work on your resume or CV and bring a printed draft with you. (https://www.coloradocollege.edu/offices/careercenter/applying/resume.html)

 3) Write down some thoughts about one of the personal statements or essays required for one application. We will work on our statements and resumes in groups. 

Shalese Lovell, “Detection of Hydrated Electrons” 

Fri, Jan 28: Cass Kennemur, “Oceanic Photoacoustic Imaging”

Fri, Feb 4: Zach Flagg, “Micro LEDs”

Fri, Feb 11: Jess Lyons, “Central Pressure in Hurricane Intensity Predictions”

Fri, Feb 25: Josh Fry, “Particle Accelerator use in Proton Radiation Therapy” 

Fri, Mar 4: Cole Thumann, “How Mach Zehnder Interferometers Make Efficient Optical Neural Networks” 

Fri, Mar 11: Džafer Čamdžić, “Discharge Dynamics of an LED-Driven Spark Gap” 

Fri, Apr 1: Tiffany McBride, “Understanding Mass Transfer of Sub-Subgiant Stars”

Fri, Apr 8: Nathan Hewitt, “Detection of X-rays with Silicon Drift Detectors”

Email Kate Carlton to RSVP!

Hello Physics Department Majors and Friends!

As many of you know, our beloved professor Stephanie DiCenzo officially retired last year. Due to Covid we postponed her celebratory party and have now scheduled it for this coming spring. Our party plan is for the first weekend in April 2022, and we would love for you to join us. 


Friday April 1, 2022

5pm-9pm   Physics Trivia

Join us for a Colorado College and Physics Department trivia game!  There will be multiple rounds of trivia and the chance to mingle and catchup with fellow alums, faculty, and students. 


Saturday April 2, 2022

10am-12pm   Skating and hot cocoa

Relive Stephanie’s class skating sessions!  Start with a free skate and end with a game of broomball.  Or just be entertained watching others skate while you chat and drink hot cocoa.

1230pm-2pm   Lunch

Come eat lunch while visiting old haunts in the department.  Remember Stephanie bringing bagels back in your student days?  Well, bagel sandwiches are the fare of the day! 

5-9pm   Formal Retirement Party 

5-6pm Reception 

6-730pm Dinner

730-9pm Speeches (this will be open mic so get your speech ready!)

Izzy Atkin, “Molten Salts in Concentrated Solar Power Plants” 

Andrew Little, “Non-linear Dynamics of a Double Pendulum” 

Drew Manning, “Coronal Mass Ejections” 

Emily Ragauss, “How Solar Flares Impact Satellite Orbits” 

Sam Rodriguez, “Stealth Technology” 

Food and good conversation on the Barnes-Olin quad
Amazing food and company in celebration of our senior physics majors!

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