Careers with a CC Physics Major

Career Center & Alumni

The CC Career Center has lots of great events and networking opportunities. They can also help with resume/CV and cover letter help. This is a great place to start looking for jobs and see how CC can help you achieve your career goals.

Definitely explore Tiger Link, which is a networking website populated by CC alums who can help make connections and explore career paths.  Check out our alumni stories to see where other CC physics majors have gone in life (two are featured below).

michael leveille

Other Sites for Physics Careers

The APS Careers webpage is a great place to explore careers in physics.  The American Institute of Physics has a fantastic Career Toolbox aimed at physicists.  And the AIP Statistics center will tell you what students do with physics bachelor degrees.

The following websites also have a lot of information on what jobs are available for Physics majors and where to start looking.

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