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Physics concerns everything from the smallest to the largest systems.  On the smallest scale, we ask...Why do atoms emit only certain colors of light?  How do atoms stick together to form solids?  On human-size scales, we are concerned with...What is the path of a thrown ball?  Why does a piano not sound like a flute?  Why should you not hold a pointy umbrella in a thunderstorm? And on the largest scales... Why do stars shine?  What is the future of the universe?

At Colorado College, our students learn physics with each other and with faculty in our classrooms, hallways, labs, and observatory.  We have classes for students at all levels...from an art major learning about the stars to a kinesiology major learning the physics of the circulatory system to a physics major learning the detailed equations that describe atoms.  Students do research with our faculty in fields as diverse as plasma physics and astrophysics.  We foster community in our department with weekly student seminars and regular department picnics and social events. Regardless of whether you're interested in majoring in physics or just taking courses to satisfy your curiosity, the physics department at Colorado College has something for you.

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Department of Physics
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