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Senior Seminars

The Physics Department Seminars are at noon in Barnes Science Building 219 unless otherwise specified. 

Lunch is provided before the seminar begins.

Please always RSVP to Kate Carlton 719-389-6577 or


Stay Tuned for Updated Seminar Topics! 

Callan McCormick, September 29th - Light Emitting Diodes: Improving Efficiency Droop in Gallium-Nitride LEDs 

Sam Meyjes, October 6th - The Physics of Solar Power: Rear Cell Engineering for Cheaper and More Efficient Solar Cells 

Benjamin Pitta, October 13th - A look at the Cassini-Huygens Mission 

Javier Corona, October 27th - The Electric Car: Past, Present, and Future, from convenience to world saving 

Victor Torres, November 3d - Physics of Superheroes: Deconstructing Superman 

Calvin Butler, November 7th - Lightening and How It's Studied

Nicholas Crews, December 1st

Kyla Jarka, December 5th

Anthony Connors, December 8th

Yuhan Chen, December 12th

Gerardo Ramirez, December 15th 

Benjamin Elgren, January 26th

Jacob Kohler, January 30th

Andrew Combs, February 2nd

Maddie Lucey, February 6th

Nelson Ding, February 9th

Rowan Kowalsky, February 23d

Jason Bair, February 27th

Isiah Kang, March 2nd

Alana Aamodt, March 6th

Sohair Abdullah, March 9th  


Bara Hanzalova, October 14th - Soap Films and Bubbles 

Emiliano Morales, October 28th - Skyscrapers: Structure, Materials, and Design 

Armand Dominguez, November 4th - The Physics of Photography 

Chris Maves, November 11th - The Physics of Archery Bows

Marcus Swanson, December 2nd - The Free Kick Experiment 

Caden Kunkel, December 9th - Active Galactic Nuclei - Quasars and Blazars

Zoe Pierrat, January 27th - Estimating Exospheric Hydrogen Density Using Lyman-alpha Irradiance Measurements from SOLSTICE

Teddy Weeks, February 3rd - Physics of Room Acoustics: Measuring Reverb Time 

Brian Gebhard, February 10th - Non-Thermal "Cold" Plasma 

Xiangmin Yang, February 24th - Aspects of Elementary Particle Interactions  

Turner Williams, March 3rd - Optically Active Materials 


Michael Leveille - Exoplanets

Thomas Braine - Reactor research

Victoria Bry - Engineering for earthquakes

JD Merritt - Gravitational waves

Samuel Huestis -Relativistic jets