First Generation

firstgenpic_01At Colorado College, the First-Generation Collegiate Program is designed to support domestic students who come from families where neither their parent nor guardian has graduated with a four-year college degree from a U.S. degree-granting institution. A signature program of The Butler Center, the First-Generation Collegiate Program provides support in a variety of ways:

  • Blockly luncheon meetings centered around a theme or issue of particular interest to first-generation students. Past topics have included: preparing for graduate school, choosing a mentor, studying abroad, and managing stress. These meetings also give students the opportunity to connect with faculty, staff, and important campus resources.
  • The development of mentoring relationships with staff and faculty who were themselves first-generation students. Mentors provide personal guidance and help first-generation students build confidence.
  • One-to-one advising meetings with staff in the Butler Center to support individual academic and psycho-social needs.
  • Annual events, including a social for incoming first-generation students and their families; a "pinning" ceremony for first-generation college graduates; and occasional local excursions in the wider Colorado Springs community.
  • Special opportunities to serve as peer leaders in the Sophomore Advanced Initiative for Leadership (SAIL) Mentoring Program or to participate as panelists in community events.
  • Access and support in applying for grant and scholarship opportunities.

Tips for Families and Supporters

Stay connected with your student - your support and guidance are important to your student's success!

Families and support persons of first-generation college students often wonder what is going on in their college students' lives. Without a similar experience of your own, the CC campus environment might seem unfamiliar, and this may make it challenging to find a way to connect with your student. Here are a few tips to help you stay connected and show your support for your student's academic goals.

  • Remind your student that they belong at CC! If you demonstrate confidence in your student, they will have more confidence in themselves. Go out of your way to remind them that they are good enough and that they deserve to be in college as much as anyone else.
  • Remember that pursuing higher education does not mean that students will lose the values they were raised with, but you can expect a few changes. The experiences students have both inside and outside of the classroom can influence their social, vocational, and personal choices. Your care and concern as they wrestle with their choices and "figure things out" is important. Ask questions.
  • Acknowledge the successes and the challenges.Your student would not be at CC if they did not know how to meet a challenge head on. However, college is hard, and even though students take just one class per block, studying on the Block Plan can be really hard. College students are under a lot of pressure, and many consistently report feeling stressed and anxious. Anything you can do to reduce or eliminate pressures from home can help your student stay on track and focused.
  • Be patient. College is a learning process for both you and your student. If you learn about campus resources, you will become more familiar with what your student is experiencing and can remind your student that there are resources on campus that can provide assistance when they turn to you with questions.
  • Encourage your student to build relationships and find mentors. In addition to their "home team" of family and friends, your student needs people who can listen to them, help them problem-solve, and keep them on track. They can start by talking with people they feel comfortable with - an RA from their residence hall or a staff person at their on-campus job, for instance - and then build their "CC team" from there.
  • Remember that balance is important. Studying all of the time can sometimes be counterproductive. Your student will increase their sense of belonging at CC by becoming involved with clubs and activities that balance the academic pressure and bring them joy.
  • Recognize that your student may not be able to call you, or come home, as often as you would like. They will have many different responsibilities, and learning to balance them will be a new experience, especially during the first year. Set a regular time for conversation with your student so that you both have the same expectations around how often you communicate. Plan to visit your student, if possible. Family and Friends Weekend is a great time to come to campus!

Explore Resources


Do you have a question or concern but aren't sure where to turn? Start here - we will connect you with the information you need.

The Butler Center

Worner Campus Center, 2nd Floor
(719) 389-6338
The Butler Center, named for Ellis Ulysses Butler, Jr. '40, one of Colorado College's earliest African-American alumni, serves as the hub of diversity, inclusion, intercultural exchange, equity, and empowerment for the entire Colorado College community.

Parent & Family Programs

Tutt Alumni House, 1205 N. Cascade Ave.
(719) 389-6103
At Colorado College, we believe that a college education is possible for students of all backgrounds. We also know that achieving success is easier when a student has a well-informed family support system. We are committed to helping you help your student by providing information about services, programs, and opportunities and by promoting the meaningful engagement of parents, families, and support persons in the Colorado College community.

Here are some other campus resources and how they can help your student make the most of their time at CC:

Accessibility Resources

Armstrong Hall, Second Floor
(719) 227-8285

  • Get support for a disability that requires accommodations/services
  • Get assistance with temporary medical conditions and injuries

Career Center

Morreale House, 1130 N. Cascade Ave.
(719) 389-6893

  • Take advantage of career coaching to identify interests, decide on a major, and choose a direction
  • Attend programs, events, and workshops that provide networking, career development, and skill-building opportunities
  • Get resume and job application assistance

Center for Global Education and Field Study

Armstrong Hall, Second Floor
(719) 227-8282

  • Learn about studying off-campus for a block, a semester, or a year
  • Assistance and advice for international students

Office of Student Life (Dean of Students)

Armstrong Hall, First Floor
(719) 389-6689

  • Get support and help in times of crisis or distress, or if you just have a question about life circumstances and how they impact your time at CC

Office of Campus Activities

Armstrong Hall, First Floor
(719) 389-6800

The Residential Experience
(719) 389-6819

  • Find out more about the residential communities available for culturally diverse students
  • Connect with a wide variety of clubs, activities, and special programs

Office of Admission

Cutler Hall
(800) 542-7214 or (719) 389-6344

  • Talk with an admissions counselor about why you want to come to CC
  • Apply for admission via CCBasecamp, the online application portal

Office of Financial Aid & Student Employment

Spencer Center, First Floor
(800) 260-6458 or (719) 389-6651

  • Get help with the FAFSA and learn about other options for making a Colorado College education affordable
  • Look at and apply for available on-campus work-study jobs

Colket Center for Academic Excellence

Charles L. Tutt Library, Second Floor
(719) 389-6726

  • Work with the staff and peer tutors at the Writing Center to improve your writing skills
  • Get help with difficult math and science courses from the Quantitative Reasoning Center (QRC)
  • Connect with students whose primary language is not English

Student Opportunities and Advising Hub

Located on East Campus at 1014 N. Weber Street
(719) 389-6657

Staff advisors work with students to support them:

  • with their transition to college;
  • with exploring interests, needs, and goals;
  • with pre-registration for classes; and
  • throughout their college experiences.

Support students with applying for grants, fellowships, and research opportunities with faculty members.

Health and Wellness

Physical and mental health and well-being are critically important to student success. A number of on-campus resources at Colorado College work together to create a campus environment that supports healthy lifestyles for all students.

Wellness Resource Center

Worner Campus Center, Second Floor
(719) 389-6211

Student Health Center

(operated by DaVita Medical Group)
(719) 389-6384

CC Counseling Center
(719) 389-6093

Sports and Recreation
(719) 389-6475

Outdoor Education
(719) 389-6803

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