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First Generation Collegiate Program

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First Generation Collegiate Program

The First-Generation Collegiate Program is designed to support domestic students who come from families where neither their parent nor guardian has graduated with a 4-year college degree from a U.S. degree granting institution.

We seek to instill a sense of pride in the student's status as a 1st generation college student. We provide targeted programs and services that build capacities in a student's abilities to navigate their undergraduate experience while at the same time best prepare them for life after college.

The program consists of a blockly luncheon for first-generation students, staff and faculty, usually centered on a theme or issue of particular interest to first-generation students. Topics have included preparing for graduate school, choosing mentors, studying abroad, financial literacy and managing stress.

First-generation staff and faculty provide support for students in formal and informal mentoring relationships, as well as in sharing personal stories relating to the first-generation college experience.

The First Generation Collegiate Program is a collaborative effort between The Butler Center and other offices and departments across campus. In addition to the block-ly meetings, other events during the year include a dessert reception for incoming first-generation students and their families; a "pinning'" ceremony of first-generation college graduates and local excursions in the wider Colorado Springs community.

Butler Center Contact: Noble Gough

Program Overview:

  • Blockly lunch meetings on topics that empower students (connecting them to faculty and staff; resources)

  • Advising meetings with Butler Center staff that build capacity and self-confidence

  • Mentor meetings with CC first-gen faculty/staff (with individual attention given to the student's specific academic/psycho-social needs)

  • Blockly Mentor and Mentee Gatherings for students, staff, and faculty to intentionally engage in community

  • Special opportunities: to be mentors to local middle and hs students; to serve as panelists; to be inspired by guest speakers; to make application for grant or scholarship dollars

The First Generation Program meets the first Thursday of every block unless otherwise noted.

November 8, annual National First-Generation College Celebration Day.

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