When Might CC Contact You?

While federal laws such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) restrict what information the college can release to parent(s)/guardian(s) from a student's education or health records, under certain circumstances, the college is permitted by law to release otherwise confidential information, and there may be times when the college will communicate directly with a student's parent or guardian.

If you have any questions regarding parent/guardian notification policies or practices, please contact the Student Life Office at (719) 389-6684 or the Office of Parent and Family Programs at (719) 389-6103.

Emergency medical incidents

If a student experiences a medical emergency or life-threatening health concern, informing parents/guardians, especially when we are aware that a student has been transported to the emergency room, is a high priority. Emergency medical incidents may include a severe injury or illness, mental health crisis, or substance-related incident. Response to emergency incidents is coordinated and supervised by the Student Life Office (Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students). If an incident occurs during regular business hours, contact will be initiated by the Student Life Office. If an incident occurs outside of regular business hours, response and support are available from a rotation of trained, on-call professional staff, called dean's representatives, who are available from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. during the week and 24 hours on the weekend.

Disciplinary situations where a student is at risk for separation from the college

Colorado College's online student guide, The Pathfinder, describes the academic, all-college, and co-curricular policies that all CC students are expected to follow. Because student disciplinary records are confidential and are not released without a student's consent, the College will generally request that a student initiates contact with their parent/guardian when disciplinary issues arise. However, in accordance with Colorado College's policies regarding Student Honor and Community Standards and applicable law, including FERPA, the College may contact a student's parent/guardian to inform them of the finding of responsibility and any sanctions in cases that so warrant, including but not limited to cases involving alcohol or drugs or where the student's well-being is significantly endangered. The Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, or his or her designee, will use their discretion regarding contact, and the timing of the contact will vary depending on the circumstances.

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