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    The Colorado College Strategic Plan: Building on the Block

    As Colorado College moves forward with new strategic initiatives, our mission remains the same — providing the finest liberal arts education in the country. Yes, it’s a simple statement. But in these complicated times, it helps everyone at the college to focus clearly on what is most important, connecting our primary goal to our daily work.

    From the President

    In 2011-12, our Colorado College community began a conversation — and journey — that led us to rediscover ourselves. I look back at this “Year of Listening” as the foundation for the plans and recommendations you’ll find here, and I’m proud to see how our planning process raised awareness of what makes this college such a powerful force in the world. We have gone very far to create this plan, and many, many people have contributed to it. But our journey leads us back home by affirming our core mission and defining powerful opportunities to make Colorado College an even more dynamic center of learning.