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Share Your Feedback on Building on the Block 2.0

CC’s strategic plan “Building on the Block” has had a tremendous positive impact on CC students, faculty and staff.  

Now, four years into implementation, we want to do even more to realize the plan’s vision. “Building on the Block 2.0” sets out our ideas for extending the scope of the plan. Importantly, it proposes a new recommendation that will enrich and connect the various parts of our students’ CC experience and connect their college experience to their future beyond CC.

It also proposes two initiatives—first, to fully integrate the Fine Arts Center with Colorado College to realize the extraordinary potential of our alliance, and second to more fully connect faculty and staff to one another and the mission of the college, thereby increasing workplace excellence.

I look forward to hearing your comments about this proposed extension of our strategic plan! Building on the Block 2.0 is available through the strategic plan website, along with a form for submitting your feedback.

Please submit your input by Friday, Dec. 15