Student Information

The following address format should be used for incoming mail or packages for students:
Student Name, CC Box #
Colorado College 
819 North Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80946
*80946 is a zip code specific to the college. 80903 is the area zip code. Either zip code can be used but the preferred is 80946.

Don't know your CC box number? (This was previously your Worner Box #)

Log on to Banner at Click on "Student." Click on "Addresses." Your Worner box information will be listed under "Addresses and Phones."

Do not use your student housing address. This will slow the processing and delivery of mail and packages. Delivery drivers are not allowed in secure buildings.

If you (the student) are off campus for a year for any reason, your CC box will be reassigned to a new student. A new CC Box will be assigned upon return.

Bring a photo ID during mailroom hours (M-F 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.) to pick up any mail & packages.

  • Continue to use your CC Box number on all correspondence. This is part of your address.
  • You will receive an email when you have a package.
  • You will receive an email when you have mail in the Mail Center.
  • Photo ID is required for package AND mail pick up.
  • Packages in the mailroom are not ready for pickup until you receive an email from Brynka or Luxer One. If you receive an email from a vendor, such as Amazon, saying your package has been delivered it means it is at the downtown post office and could take one to two more business days before it is available for pickup.
Mail Forwarding
  • We are no longer able to forward packages. Please visit and use Click-N-Ship to create a label which you can then email to us.
  • Students who have graduated will have their mail forwarded to the address in Banner for one year. After one year, mail and packages will be returned to the sender. Mail forwarding starts the week after commencement.
  • If you would like to have your mail forwarded to an address other than the one in Banner please use the "Mail Forwarding Request" button
  • Mail Services does not forward mail during winter break.
  • If you would like your mail forwarded during the summer you need to fill out the "Mail Services Request" button.
Mailing Perishables to Students

Mail Services urges caution when sending perishables (i.e., food) to students. If you do mail a perishable item, please notify the student that the item will be delivered to their CC Box address.

Colorado College is not responsible for perishable items sent to students.

There is no refrigeration in the mailroom. We can only keep perishable packages for one to two days before they must be thrown out. Most perishables cannot be held over the weekend.


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  • In order to keep lines short, please wait until you have an e-mail confirming your package has been processed.
  • We do not have refrigeration
  • We are unable to accept any food/grocery deliveries
  • Packages will be discarded or returned to sender after 1 month.
  • Mail that is not picked up in 12 days will be returned to sender.
  • Remember to always use your first and last name AND box number on all mail and packages. Any packages without all of the above information will be delayed in processing
  • If the name on the package does not match the name on your Gold Card or Picture ID, you may be asked to present further verification (such as a tracking number) for us to release a package to you.

If you are still under enhanced social distancing, you are able to schedule an appointment for package pick up. PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO CAN NOT ACCESS THE MAIL CENTER.