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Faculty and Staff Information

The following address format should be used for incoming mail or packages for faculty and staff:

Your Name, Department
Colorado College
14 E. Cache La Poudre Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Please do not use the physical address of your building as this will slow the processing and delivery of mail and packages by the post office and any other carriers.

Outgoing Departmental Mail

Outgoing mail is picked up from departments at the same time incoming mail is delivered. It is generally processed and dispatched the same day. Departments need to separate international mail, first-class domestic mail, mail requiring special attention, and inter-campus mail. Each category of mail should be bundled and marked separately.

All outgoing mail to be metered by Mail Services must have the department's name and billing code.

Overnight mail should be hand delivered to the mailroom before 10 a.m. for same day processing. If sent through intercampus mail, the item may not be processed in time for that day's pick up.

Worner Mail Center has the right to refuse any mailing that may damage the postal equipment during processing. Mail that is not properly packaged will be returned to be re-packaged. It is the responsibility of the department to package and address their own packages.

Outgoing Personal Mail

You may deposit your personal, outgoing, stamped mail in the outgoing tray in your department. Personal mail will be picked up by the U.S. Postal Service between 2:00 and 2:30 pm every business day with the college's mail. Outgoing personal mail must be sealed and must bear the proper postage.

Sealing Envelopes

If you require us to seal envelopes for you, please ensure that they are all bundled and facing the same way, with the flaps nested. Unsealed envelopes must be wrapped with a rubber band to keep their contents intact.

Our mailing machines do not seal envelopes over ¼" thick. Departments should therefore seal their own envelopes if they fit this criteria.

If you use "window" envelopes, please ensure that the entire address shows through the window. Do not staple enclosures to the window of the envelope. If the address does not properly fit the window, please use an envelope without a window.

Express Mail and Perishables

Carriers deliver mail to us throughout the day. Express mail received after the scheduled run for your department has been made will be delivered to you on the same day if possible. If your department is closed when the delivery is made or if there is no one available at your department to sign for receipt of the mail, it will be signed for by the mail courier and left in the office. Exceptions are computers, high-value items, perishables, and live animals.

Mail Services will make every effort to deliver any live animals, perishable items or items that need refrigeration within one hour of their delivery to Mail Services. Perishable mail becomes the responsibility of the department the moment Mail Services delivers it. Mail Services does not have refrigeration available and is not responsible for these shipments if no one is available to sign or if the department office is locked during delivery attempts. Departments requiring refrigerated shipments are asked to let Mail Services know in advance.

Departments are responsible for maintaining forwarding addresses for individuals who leave Colorado College.

If you are leaving CC and want your mail forwarded to you, you must submit the address to your department. Mail can be forwarded for three months. The best course of action is to change your mailing address with individuals and companies sending you items that you wish to continue receiving. After three months, mail addressed to you will be returned to sender.

Instructions for Forwarding Mail
  • Leave the individual's name visible but cross out the rest of the address completely
  • On the envelope write "Please Forward" followed by the individual's new address
  • If we do not have an address for the individual, mark the envelope "Return to Sender" and completely black out all barcodes, including the faint orange one on the back of the envelope

If you change departments on campus, please send an email to so that we can update our delivery listing.

Guidelines for Worner Box Distributions (Distros)


This mail can be a memo for general distribution or items addressed to a specific individual or position within the college. Specific addressee mail, if not in an envelope, should be folded and marked with the individual's name or title and that person's department. Multi-page items must be stapled (no paper clips, please).

To expedite the process, letters are quickly scanned. We sort mail by name and department. Failure to list the department's name may result in delay or misdirection of your mail. Envelopes with insufficient name are automatically put aside for later research and may result in delivery delays. Please do not abbreviate names of people and departments. Properly addressed campus mail is usually delivered the next day.

Confidential material may be inserted into an intercampus envelope. The envelope should be sealed or taped shut and marked "confidential."

Student mail is required to be sorted by ascending box number order.

Proper Address

Intercampus mail must be properly addressed to assure prompt and accurate delivery:

Student mail: first and last name and Worner Box number

Faculty/staff mail: first and last name and department

Billing and Delivery Addresses
  • Freight orders must be delivered to the Creekside location at 234 West San Miguel. The billing address for freight is still 14 E. Cache La Poudre.
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Due to campus policy ALL Apple and Dell products will be delivered directly to the ITS Solutions Center.