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Faculty and Staff Information

Correct Address Format for Incoming Mail or Packages

The following address format should be used for incoming mail or packages for faculty and staff:

Your Name, Department
Colorado College
14 E. Cache La Poudre Street
Colorado Spring CO  80903-3294

Please do not use the physical address of your building as this will slow the processing and delivery of mail and packages by the Post office and any other carriers. USPS, FedEx and UPS couriers are not allowed inside of the campus buildings with only prearranged exceptions. 

Incoming USPS mail is picked up and sorted at Central Services generally by 9:45 am. The mail is then delivered around campus according to daily scheduled rounds.

Delivery and Pickup

Mail Services has approximate scheduled runs for pickup and delivery of mail for most departments on campus. If your out-going mail is not ready by the normal pickup time for your department please present it to Worner Mail Center by 1:30 pm for same-day processing. Mail received after 2:00pm will be mailed out the following working day. Outgoing mail is picked up by the U.S. Postal Service between 2:00 and 2:30 pm every working day (except for holidays).

Mail service for Non-employee Relative:

For the purpose of this policy, a Non-employee relative is someone who is not employed by Colorado College and a spouse, civil union partner, child, child of a civil union partner, stepchild, ward, foster child, parent, parent of a spouse or a civil union partner, sibling, or sibling of a spouse or civil union partner.

Before sending mail to Colorado College non-employee relatives must register with Colorado College Mail Services Department. This is the only method Mail Services has to determine how to proceed with mail or parcels that cannot be looked up in Banner SSB or Outlook when they are delivered to the College. Mail that arrives addressed to a name that we cannot identify as a student, staff or faculty, non-employee relatives will be returned to sender no exceptions.

Non-employee relatives are NOT permitted to use the Colorado College business address for the purpose of establishing a permanent home address or the operation of a personal business. Mail Services will provide a street address to non-employee relatives for the use of a permanent home address at the time that they register with Colorado College Mail Services. Non-employee relatives are not eligible for student mail boxes.

Non-employee relatives will have their mail and parcels delivered to the office that they registered as being the appropriate destination: Residential Life, Deans, Biology etc. The department that handles their mail and parcels are responsible for the forwarding of mail and parcels after they leave the college. In the event that non employee relatives mail or parcels become excessive or are causing delays of the normal delivery of the official Colorado College business mail and services will be required to pick up mail or parcels at the Mail Services department on 815 N.Tejon St.

Register for mail service using the following form: