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Student Information

Correct Address Format

All incoming mail must be properly addressed to assure prompt and accurate delivery. All full-time Colorado College students are assigned their own individual Worner Box number or in some cases a Worner T-Box, and all incoming mail or packages must be addressed accordingly.

Addressing Incoming Mail and packages to Students:

Worner Box :

Your full name/ WB# _ _ _ _
Colorado College
902 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs CO     80946 - ****
* Zip + four = students Worner Box number

Example - WB#1 = 80946-0001

Example - WB#21 = 80946-0021

Example - WB#181 = 80946-0181

Example - WB#1150 = 80946-1150

Worner T-Box: 

Your full name/ WT-Box# _ _ _
Colorado College
902 N. Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs CO 80946 - ****

Worner Boxes are assigned to full time students.

Worner T-Boxes are assigned to temporary students but in some cases full time students may be assigned a T-Box.

All mail boxes are assigned by the Registrars Office and not by Mail Services.



Although your Worner Box number will be part of your address, DO NOT use the word “PO Box” in your address, since this will cause your mail to be confused at the Post Office with actual PO boxes at the post office.

Please use the correct full name of the recipient (no nicknames please). We frequently have people with the same or similar names, so correctly addressed mail will help eliminate the chance of incorrect delivery.

Worner Box and T-Box holders please do not use the physical address of your building for your mail and packages as this will slow down the delivery time. USPS, FedEx and UPS couriers are not allowed inside the campus buildings.

Incoming freshmen who wish to ship items ahead of their arrival for classes may not have a Worner Box assigned to them until the end of August. In this case, please make sure that you put “Hold for incoming student” on the outside of the box and/or shipping label.

This also applies to Winter Start students.