Feedback Practices at Colorado College

At Colorado College, employees receive feedback about their job performance in a variety of ways and at different times throughout the year. Professionally, receiving feedback about our performance helps us identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. 

In 2024, Gallup reported that 80% of employees who say they have received meaningful feedback in the past week are fully engaged. Employees are also 3.6x more likely to strongly agree that they are motivated to do outstanding work when their manager provides daily (vs. annual) feedback.

Feedback Practices Cycle

Employees at Colorado College participate in feedback practices in a variety of different ways. Regularly scheduled 1-on-1 meetings between employees and their supervisors are used as an opportunity to engage in informal feedback, discuss goal progress, and uncover any challenges or barriers that the supervisor can assist with overcoming. Bridge calls these regular meetings 1-on-1s, but you may hear them called various names around campus.

In addition to regular meetings, all full-time staff employees at the college participate in formal quarterly performance conversations. 

Quarterly performance conversations consist of four stages:

  1. Completing a self-reflection
  2. Supervisor feedback summary
  3. Co-creation of quarterly goals
  4. Performance rating and conversation


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