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Renewal & Replacement Projects

Please submit requestors' information
Renewal Replacement Projects (R&R) & Sustainability Priority Ratings
1: The project is required immediately (next 12 months) to maintain the operational continuity/mission of the organization/school or the project addresses a demonstrable life safety or health issue.
2: The project is required (next 2 years) to meet current or anticipated operational continuity/mission sensitive needs
3: The project is required (next 3–5 years) to maintain operational continuity/mission sensitive needs.

Capital Improvement Projects Priority Ratings
The project is a space improvement that insures the college's ability to satisfy 21st century facility and space function needs.
1: Programmatically required (next 12 months)
2:Programmatically needed (next 2 years)
3: Programmatically desired (next 3-5 years)
Be detailed; attach sketches, plans, and project specifics including needed data and power locations.
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Facilities Services
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