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    Curriculum Development

    The funding options discussed below include:

    Curricular Development Grants

    These were created with funding from the Office of the Dean to support development of courses of particular interest for the college curriculum.  These grants support courses in two categories.  Awards are generally $2,000 for two weeks of work (course revisions or adding a new component to an existing course; $4,000 for development of a new course.  Note that awards are shared by faculty planning a course together.

    First, we seek courses that will undergo significant revision to incorporate new developments in digital learning.  We are particularly interested in those that make use of network or web resources in the class (i.e. we are not interested in simply placing a class on a prowl site).  The Dean’s Office will review proposals with an ad hoc committee chosen from other faculty and Information Technology staff.  Proposals due the first Friday of Block 7.  

    Second, we will continue to support courses that expand our General Education offerings in two particular areas. If you plan a new course for the First-Year-Experience Program or that will meet West-in-Time, The General Education Committee will review proposals. Proposals due the first Friday of Block 7. The call for proposals will be announced to faculty and archived on the Academic Deans Canvas page. 

    The Norman B. Smith Faculty Fund

    Norm Smith, Class of 1942, recently endowed a fund dedicated to helping to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching by supporting recently-hired faculty at the College through merit awards to celebrate high quality teaching, incentive awards to enhance teaching, and/or summer stipends for faculty in their first and second years at the College to help prepare courses. After consulting with younger faculty, we decided this year to use the income from the endowment to support one $4,000 stipend for course development for the equivalent of a four-week period during the summer. You can propose to develop an introductory or advanced course, a course in the department or an interdisciplinary program, an FYE offering or one designed for Critical Perspectives credit.  Generally due in Block 6.   The call for proposals will be announced to faculty and archived on the Academic Deans Canvas page. 

    Christian Johnson Endeavor Fund

    The Christian Johnson Endeavor Fund encourages innovative, discipline-specific and interdisciplinary faculty proposals, including ‘team’ proposals that will increase the number of CC and CC-affiliated international programs, improve international programs already established at CC, or broaden the range of the College’s internationally-oriented courses.  Currently an annual total of ~$16,000 is available to support this endeavor. Generally due by the end of Block 2; a second round at the end of Block 5 may occur if funds are left. The call for proposals will be announced to faculty and archived on the Academic Deans Canvas page. Contact Emily Chan at x6679.