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Plan Your Class Visit


1. Complete the class visit request form or contact Eliza Scally, Education Assistant, at or 719-477-4322 

Class Visit Request Form:

2. The Academic Engagement Office will register the visit with the Museum reception and security staff and prepare visit materials.

3. Prior to the visit, please inform students of Museum rules: 

  1. No backpacks, purses, skateboards, or water bottles are allowed in the galleries or the collections areas. Unlocked storage for these items is available, so students may not want to bring valuable items.
  2. Pens are not allowed in the galleries; pencils will be available for writing assignments in the gallery.
  3. When visiting collections storage, students may be directed to empty pockets or remove jewelry to protect object.
  4. Students should be reminded not to touch anything in the galleries or in the collections areas without specific instructions. This includes exhibition pedestals, vitrines, and gallery walls.

4. Complete the post-visit assessment survey.

FAC Museum Post-Visit Online Survey

5. The Academic Programs Office will send a summary of the visit and will retain any materials, objects lists, and follow-up notes for reference for future visits.