Experiential Learning at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College


"Among many collaborations, the exhibition 'Beyond Mammy, Jezebel, & Sapphire: Reclaiming Images of Black Women' immediately became one of our most meaningful projects, because it centered Black women in resistive, generative, and unprecedented ways. Interdisciplinary engagements with the arts, such as this one, can encourage complex, intersectional discussions that foster diversity and inclusion for our community."

- Heidi R. Lewis, Assistant Professor of Feminist and Gender Studies

A Mission to Support and Enhance Teaching and Learning


As a community of scholars and learners, Colorado College continually seeks to develop active, collaborative forms of learning that augment the opportunities for deep engagement afforded by the Block Plan. To nurture innovative teaching strategies at the College, the Fine Arts Center Museum is committed to providing faculty with personalized support to develop innovative approaches to teaching using the Museum's resources. The Museum engages with the curriculum in all divisions through a vibrant program of exhibitions, class visits, skill-building exercises, museum-based courses, student assistantships, and faculty workshops.

Guiding Principles:

  • The development of visual literacy and observational skills are essential components of a liberal arts education; these abilities support and enhance learning across disciplines;
  • Working with original artworks and cultural objects within the Museum complements the ways in which students work with primary sources in other disciplines, such as laboratory experiments, field work, and textual analysis;
  • Experiences within the Museum can provide safe spaces for intellectual risk-taking and personal growth, and offers new ways to engage all students - even those who rarely participate in classroom discussions;
  • Facilitated encounters with original works of art enhance creative and critical thinking by inviting students to reframe their understanding of a subject or apply prior knowledge to a new situation.

To schedule a class visit to the Fine Arts Center Museum for any sort of activity, guided or self-directed, please complete the Class Visit Request Form or contact Julianne Gavino, Curator of Academic Engagement at jgavino@coloradocollege.edu or (719) 477-4319. This will ensure that we know who is in the Museum and help us track attendance from the College. Please also note that the Museum may be available for class activities during hours when it is closed to the general public.

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