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    Internal Grants for Faculty

    Because the College’s internal funding sources are generous, all faculty should be familiar with both the variety of funding options available across campus and their typical deadlines.  (Please see the Summary of Internal Deadlines for an overview.)

    Funding needs tend to fall into one of the following two categories:

    Because new funding opportunities sometimes arise as gifts or grants are awarded to the College, faculty should also be aware of those opportunities that will available into the future and those that are offered on a short-term basis.

    For information on grants for funding students' research and independent work with faculty, visit the Dean's Office Student Research and Scholarship Resources page, or the College's Student Funding Opportunities page.

    Endowed Support

    The following summarizes internal funding sources that are supported through endowments and therefore will be available into the foreseeable future.  (Market conditions may affect the endowments’ payout, however, and therefore the amount of funding available in each category.)

    • Each department has access to unique funding sources. Faculty are encouraged to discuss these with their department chair.
    • Each of the three divisions receives approximately $80,000 annually to disperse for faculty research and development each year. The Divisional Executive Committees are responsible for dispersing this funding. Grants are awarded competitively and typically range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The Divisional Executive Committees generally issue their first call for proposals in October, and when funding remains, a second call is issued in the spring. More on divisional funding is available here.
    • Programmatic funding is available from the Asian Studies Program. Faculty are encouraged to contact the program chair for details.
    • The Dean’s Office is able to fund one conference per year for all full-time and adjunct faculty members as well as support a variety of curriculum development and research activities. Endowed funding includes 1) support for launching or completing a research project (Benezet Grant), 2) support for a faculty member in his/her first or second year to develop a new course (Norman B. Smith Faculty Fund), 3) support for collaborative research with a student (Faculty-Student Collaborative Research Grant), and 4) support for faculty who have not received significant research funding in the last three years (Faculty Opportunity Grant).

    Time-Limited Support

    The following summarizes internal funding sources that are supported through one-time gifts and therefore will “expire” after the funding has been allocated. (All are administered through the Dean’s Office.)

    • In July 2012, Colorado College received a $100,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support faculty development initiatives. Please see the Crown Center site for more information on that.
    • The Dean’s Summer Research Grant will be supported for two additional years thanks to a gift from a parent of two graduates.  This grant supports research at any stage by any regular faculty member. Up to three $4,000 grants are awarded annually.
    • The Mrachek Fellowship Program is supported by renewing support from Bill Mrachek, member of the Class of 1966  and parent of a 2007 graduate. This program supports research by faculty in their first four years at the College.  Two awards of $4,000 are bestowed annually.