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    Internal Grants for Faculty

    Introducing the Matrix

    The "Matrix" is an excel document that attempts to capture all of the internal funding opportunities available to CC faculty. Please note that the Matrix does not include information on funding available to faculty in a particular department.

    Please also note that the Matrix includes information on a handful of student opportunities because of the key role faculty play in students’ applications. For comprehensive information on resources for students, visit the College's Funding Opportunities for Students page.

    To make updates, additions or corrections to the Matrix, please contact Tess Powers, the Director of Faculty Research Support.

    Other important reminders:

    • Information in the Matrix can serve only as a useful guide.
    • The funding committees reserve the right to make changes to various aspects of their program in order address changing priorities.
    • Faculty should review the updated guidelines with each call.
    • Faculty should submit their proposal ONLY during the advertised submission window.

    Internal Grants by Category

    Because the College’s internal funding sources are generous, all faculty should be familiar with both the variety of funding options available across campus and their typical deadlines.  Please see the Internal Faculty Funding Matrix for an overview of funding opportunities, eligibility information, contact information and, whenever possible, access to application guidelines.

    A PowerPoint overview of internal funding opportunities, curated by the College's SEGway Committee in Fall 2019, is also available.

    Any special funding requests for the Dean's consideration (submitted outside of the following programs) should use the Qualtrics submission format.

    Activities supported by the College include:

    Below we organize opportunities based on:

    • Deadline
    • Audience
    • Broad Category & Costs Supported


    Opportunities with Frequent/Rolling Deadlines:

    Opportunities with Fall Deadlines - Curriculum Development and Research

    Opportunities with Spring Deadlines - Curriculum Development

    Opportunities with Spring Deadlines - Research


    New Faculty

    For Students (with varying levels of faculty participation)

    BY BROAD CATEGORY –  Curriculum Development

    Curriculum Development - Restricted Topics or Geographic Areas

    Curriculum Development – Faculty Stipend Supported

    BY BROAD CATEGORY – Research

    Research - Summer Grants

    Research - Supplies/Expenses

    Research - Student Fellowships

    Research - Award of Time

    Research - Faculty Stipend

    Research - Travel

    Research - Restricted Topics or Geographic Areas